Experts tell how to get rid of cravings for sweets

Эксперты рассказали, как избавиться от тяги к сладостям

How to learn to live without sugar

Every sweet tooth knows how hard it is to resist buying another chocolate bar or walk past a pastry shop, where the smell of freshly baked croissants.

However, such dependencies have unpleasant consequences. Experts told how to live in harmony with oneself, without any craving for sweets.

Of course, to give up sugar entirely — is tantamount to signing his own death warrant. Without it in any way. Glucose is the main energy for cells, it necessary as air and water. Without it, we fall into depression, crying for no reason, feel lethargic, life becomes a joy.

But instead obtain glucose from healthy ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, grains, we, like maniacs, lean on cakes, sweets, soda. Choose what gives immediate pleasure and enjoyment. In the end we are waiting for weight, loss of energy, dull skin with a nasty rash. The picture is not encouraging.

Looking for the cause

Craving for sweets has many causes, both psychological and physiological.

Substitution of concepts

Especially much you want sweet, when we experience stress: the crisis in the relationship, wrong job. Affect cravings for sweets and physical activity: too many of them or, conversely, not enough. Sweets to compensate for boredom, dissatisfaction, emotional burnout.

Form water

Thirst is akin to the feeling of hunger. The situation is similar with sweets. I wanted a candy, drink a glass of water. Should help. But you know the measure — excess fluid can lead to the opposite effect, causing sugar cravings.

A reminder of the past

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If you know that the scents evoke memories of the past, we must understand this point. Sometimes products are associated with something pleasant from my childhood, my youth, a very significant period in my life. And then to stay extremely difficult. Alternatively, it is possible to find a healthier version of a favorite dish.

Seasonal mood

Notice that in the spring we quickly tuned diet to a lighter version? In the course are leafy salads, lots of vegetables and greens, fruit. Common emotional lift gives off. About sweets did forget. But with the beginning of autumn everything is back to normal: depression, drowsiness, lack of energy and an irresistible craving for sweets and rolls.

Hormonal fluctuations

Unusual food cravings are observed in many women on special days — during menstruation, pregnancy or menopause. Blame unsustainable level of male and female sex hormones — testosterone and estrogen.

Looking for a solution

Where do we draw the sugar? It’s very simple. Natural sugar is in vegetables, fruits and grains. It is much easier and healthier than the refined, provides the necessary energy for a long time, combined with other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, essential acids and fiber.

The main difficulty for those who dare to abandon the sweet — learn to discern the sweetness in healthy foods. And then it would be good to try to “cleanse” their palate. First, the receptors will not be taken natural glucose, but gradually, when the body is rid of excess, you will feel a different taste of the food. And it is possible that they will seem sweeter favorite candy.

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We present the seven best foods that get rid of harmful cravings for pastries:


Figs are delicious and fresh, but dried is much sweeter. Quickly and permanently gives a pleasant feeling of satiety. But there’s one danger — dried figs are high in calories: 100 g contains 214 calories. If you refused sweet for the figures, we observe moderation.


It is believed that this is the summer berry. But today, strawberries can be bought even in the dead of winter. It is equally good fresh, and frozen. There are many substances that help burn the fats it is rich in antioxidants: vitamin C and ellagic acid, which prevent aging of the skin.


This fruit — a storehouse of vitamins, including antioxidants and much-needed fiber. Due to the huge number of b vitamins, apples reduce stress levels and greatly improve memory. This is one of the best and healthiest snacks throughout the day and also an ideal food for diabetics.


The most popular fruit for snacking, making smoothies and shakes. Banana has many vitamins, minerals and fiber. He is the champion of the content of potassium, which is responsible for muscle function, maintain acid-base and water balance, and blood pressure. One banana, quickly satisfies the appetite, promoting normal digestion. However, it also contains a lot of calories, so do not abuse it and eat it at night.


Pumpkin — the best of allies in the fight against aging. It has a lot of fiber but very few calories, making it an ideal product for those concerned about excess weight.

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Extremely useful for immune system, heart and blood vessels. Substances contained in pomegranates that help to normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of strokes and cardiovascular diseases. Grenades are very useful for the joints and protects the skin from negative influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Carrots contain plenty of fiber, antioxidants and beta-carotene — substances useful for health and beauty. Life hack: if every day before you leave to the sea to drink a glass of carrot juice tan lie smoothly and will stay longer. For better absorption of vitamins and minerals make sure to add in a glass of juice a splash of cream or vegetable oil.

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