Experts: iOS better than Android

Experts have called the iPhone the most secure phone on the market.

Експерти: операційна система iOS надійніша за Android

Apple products are superior to Android smartphones in terms of data storage, says analyst American company SiteLock Jessica Ortega. Device OSes from Google transmit information to the company’s servers, after which personal user data are used to build a “digital portrait” and targeted advertising, whereas the iOS platform allows you to keep most of the information on the device, informs Rus.Media.

In addition, the iPhone harder to hack with the help of applications that can be downloaded from the official store, says Ortega. Comparing the App Store and Play Market, the analyst comes to the conclusion that Google is more open to mobile application developers – this gives the user the ability to personalize your gadget, but at the same time, allows attackers to bypass a very strict safety requirements.

“Compared to Play Market store for iPhone to the distribution puts more stringent requirements for all developers and makes a deep security check,” the analyst notes.

It is noted that in August of this year Google removed from the Play Market 145 applications after the company was informed about the spread of viruses and data theft users.

Another issue Google “rare software updates”. So, three years ago in the code of the Android devices found a bug, which compromised the security of over 950 million devices. Timely updates would help to avoid such vulnerabilities, or to quickly address their implications for users, but this is not happening.

In 2013, a non-governmental organization the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU) has asked the Federal trade Commission to conduct an investigation in relation to Internet service providers who did not inform users about their Android smartphones can work without critical security updates. The ACLU acknowledged these gadgets are “defective and dangerous”.

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