Experts have predicted who will be the leaders of the parliamentary race

Эксперты спрогнозировали, кто будет в лидерах парламентской гонки

21 July 2019 will be held extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

According to the news Agency of the UNIAN reports, all parties and MPs are already registered, although until July 8, you can still withdraw your registration and to refuse participation in elections. Hardly anyone of the major political forces in exercising this right, on the contrary, it is likely that an intense struggle between the leading political parties will continue till the day of H. it is over — rated analysts Parimatch.

Эксперты спрогнозировали, кто будет в лидерах парламентской гонки

Who gets into Parliament

The leader at the moment is to be expected is “servant of the People”. With a high probability of Pro-presidential political party will easily overcome the five percent barrier and will take a significant share in the country’s Parliament. The only question is which one. Analysts Parimatchдают 50% of that “servant of the People” will get more than 41.5 percent of votes, and at the time of the second session of the Verkhovna Rada deputies of the party will form a majority in ParliamentЭксперты спрогнозировали, кто будет в лидерах парламентской гонки Эксперты спрогнозировали, кто будет в лидерах парламентской гонкиin addition, the five percent barrier, it will likely be a “European solidarity” Poroshenko. The final results of the party is expected to be slightly above 7.5% and it is hard to say whether the BP more than 37 members of the “European solidarity” and whether the party to form a decent contrast to the “Servant of the People.” The position of “the Opposition platform”, which, according to the Kyiv international Institute of sociology, sociological group “Rating” and the center “Socis” is in the lead for the upcoming vote, according to analysts Parimatch doesn’t look very durable. 50% they give that “OP” will not get more than 13.5% of the vote. What’s more — with a 60% chance the party will not even overcome the five percent barrier, as well as some of the other active candidates in the election race — for example, “Ukrainian strategy” Groisman, Radical party of Oleg Lyashko, a political party “Self-help” Garden, etc. Party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s “the Voice,” according to analysts, is the five percent barrier and most likely will score more than 7.5% of the vote.

The chances of majority candidates

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The mixed electoral system gives a chance to get into the Parliament not only anonymous party lists and individual candidates from districts — on a mazhoritarka. Among such candidates there are several well-known personalities. So, for 118 district (Lviv) running footballer Artem Fedetskiy, but chances to get into Parliament with him a bit. The same situation and actor and comedian Sergey Sivoho, who is running for district 49 (Donetsk region). A separate question — about the candidates in the capital. For 222 constituency are several candidates from different parties: a novel Grischuk with “public Servants”, self-nominated Dmitry Andrievsky and Vladimir Vasilevich, and Vladimir Nazarenko from “Freedom”. The maximum chance to get into Parliament — at the time, however, Andrievsky inferior to him quite a bit and can also be in the Parliament.

Voter turnoutЭксперты спрогнозировали, кто будет в лидерах парламентской гонки

Turnout in Ukraine from year to year is reduced. But 2019 has the potential to improve these statistics, as has already happened with the election of the President. Recall, then, the turnout was 62,09% of voters on the territory of Ukraine (2014 — 60,29%). According to analysts Parimatch, in the parliamentary elections of 2019 will vote more than 56.5% of voters (in 2014 52,42%). Even a possible turnout of over 60%, which last happened more than 10 years ago — back in 2006.