Experts have calculated how much the Russians will spend for New year

One of the most favorite holidays of Russians – the New year. Of course, in this day, many residents of the Russian Federation will sit at the Banquet table, and under the chiming clock will lift glasses with champagne and make a wish.

Experts have calculated how much the average Russian citizens will spend money on idle new year’s table and gifts in the current year. The average is about 17 thousand rubles.

Experts of consulting company Deloitte found that the average Russian is willing to spend on celebration of the New 2019 16.9 thousand rubles. Approximately 47 percent of this amount will be spent on drinks and treats.

Note that last year the amount that the average Russian was ready to spend on a festive Christmas table, was four percent more than this year.

The specialists found that the bulk of the spending to celebrate the New, 2019, also make up and gifts – approximately 42 percent.

But at fun the Russians are willing to give about 11 percent of the total cost of the celebration of the new year.

29 of the surveyed residents of Russia were ready to give thirty percent of the Christmas budget on black Friday. While 68 percent of respondents will make purchases for the New year only after December 15.

Experts Deloitte has found that Russians are basically going to give the New year the chocolate and perfumes, although many respondents said that they would like to receive a gift, travel, money, gadgets and perfumes.

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