Experts estimate the income of pirate videosyou

Эксперты подсчитали доходы пиратских видеосайтов

The specialists Group-IB has found the approximate monthly income of the owners of pirate sites with serials. According to them, the amount can be about 10 thousand US dollars.

The income of illegal platforms depends on advertisers, which predominantly represent online gaming sites and online casinos.

Their services are often directly integrated into the video. A thousand hits the platform brings an income of three dollars.

Currently, the creation of the portal with illegal content, you should spend only $ 240. Such a modest sum allows owners to quickly recoup their business.

It happened in connection with the promotion of CDN services (online content distribution). They combine servers, pirates around the world, thereby accelerating the transmission of data to other users.

According to statistics, almost every second film, released in 2018, was poured into the Network of illegal cinema.

For 2017 the audience of pirate resources grew by 12 percent. Experts suggest that the increase in the number of visitors will continue.

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