Experts called the scarce drugs in the pharmacies of Ukraine

Pharmacists of Ukraine has to import even medicinal chamomile and Valerian.

Експерти назвали дефіцитні препарати в аптеках України

The market for medicinal herbs is experiencing a shortage of some raw materials. In particular, we are talking about mint, Melissa and sage, informs Rus.Media.

Pharmacists of Ukraine has to import even medicinal chamomile and Valerian.

Expert agrotekhinvest for Myron Pandora during the exhibition-conference “Herbal market-2018” stated that medicinal herbs in Ukraine annually is estimated in 500-600 thousand tons of natural calculus is 5-6 thousand tons.

For comparison, the EU market is estimated at 600 thousand tons of such plants.

He noted that half of the raw materials in our country is exported. In addition, the EU can be considered a promising market. However, this area has some of the problems Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of some drugs of plant origin.

“This year the deficit of domestic enterprises is mint, Melissa, also sage and licorice root. For mass outflow of labour resources from the state the price of Linden flowers has increased to $ 10/kg, while the price of dried wild rose climbed to 1.43 dollars/kg,” he said.

Pandor added that Ukraine has to import medicinal chamomile, Valerian, calendula flowers and marshmallow.

Abroad Ukraine buys slightly more than 1,000 tons of medicines for two million dollars. While exports from Ukraine totaled 8.8 million dollars.

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