Experiments on mice showed that the chemical additives lead to infertility in women

Scientists from the University of Illinois conducted an experiment on mice, which showed that the chemical additives lead to infertility in women.


In the composition of food supplements and cosmetic products there are ingredients called phytoestrogens, including genistein.

“Many women who are watching their figure, taking dietary supplements containing genistein, very little information is known about its influence on the female body and its reproductive system,” says Jody A. Flaws, Professor of biological Sciences.

The group of mice that consumed genistein, were exposed to the chemical for 30, 60, 150 and 240 days, it ensured the concentration of a substance in the blood, the equivalent found in women consuming soy foods and supplements.

After 150 days of use showed that mice become less inclined to mate, 17% of them were infertile.
After 240 days the use of sterile animals was 50%.

“People should know what they eat, as the structures of some additives do not always correspond to that indicated on the package. For harmless weight loss, it’s probably best to consult a doctor or nutritionist,” the researchers suggest.

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