Experimental Farm: the federal maintains suspense

avenir-ferme-experimentale-toujours-pas(Ottawa) The federal government has not yet decided what future awaits the experimental farm in Frelighsburg. All options are on the table, the revival of research activities to the sale of the property.

The Liberals have not yet decided what they will do. “All options are open,” said Jeremy Ghio, political advisor to the Quebec Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lawrence MacAuley.

Mr. Ghio, in an interview Monday in Ottawa after a presentation to municipal officials in the riding of Brome-Missisquoi, explained that the file of the experimental farm is under consideration in the Ministry. No deadline has been targeted to make a decision

The MP for Brome-Missisquoi, Denis Paradis, desired that the farm is restarted. It has formed a committee in this regard with representatives from the municipality and of agricultural producers of the sector. Mr. Ghio said it was an “initiative of the MP.”

The committee will report to the Minister MacAuley few weeks. “We hope to make an announcement this summer,” said Mr. Paradis. His brother Pierre, Québec Minister of Agriculture, is in tune with him on this, he says.

Jean Lévesque burning with impatience that the government make a head in this case. Frelighsburg Mayor reiterated the interest of the municipality to acquire the property of 113 hectares. “A proposal was tabled to buy it. She is still on the table “, has he said, declining to disclose the amount.

The municipality already uses a building as fire station. Tenant, she would like to own to bring the building up to standard.

The municipal government’s plan is to entrust the rest of the field to a food research cooperative. Four areas are targeted: apple, berries, vineyards and forestry.

No subsidy

During a presentation of the Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Monday in Ottawa, Mr. Lévesque questioned officials about grant programs for farms like those of Frelighsburg. As he exists for which the municipality may make a request, asked the mayor. No, they replied.

The Conservative government announced in December 2012 that it departed from some of its experimental farms in the country, including those of Frelighsburg. The cessation of subject properties was ruled by political authorities; they were keen to sell its assets at market price.

In 2014, the value of the experimental farm in Frelighsburg was 679 $ 900, or $ 468,100 for land and $ 211 800 for buildings. The arrival of the Liberal Party to power in October had the effect of stopping the sales process.

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