Expelled for drunkenness gunman decided to “surrender” the terrorists “LNR” in full (VIDEO)

Изгнанный за пьянство боевик решил «сдать» террористов «ЛНР» по полной (ВИДЕО)

A terrorist named the 11 criminals, showing their position, rank. He also revealed some callsigns. Luhansk militant admitted that he was in the fake “people’s militia” LNR.

As it turned out, the “revelations” the Punisher “LC” pulled after he was repeatedly expelled from the ranks of fighters for systematic drunkenness to “state squirrels” reports “Диалог.UA”.

In a Network someone from viewed the video wrote that the gunman when he was drunk, became insane. He arranged fights, fought. In one of the last fights went to “commander” Asahina.

“For his constant drink was dishonorably discharged, after which the Scarecrow wandered in the civilian world and then come crawling back to ask in the ranks of the “militia”. Fool forgave, and took back, and again the same story: staged a drunken brawl, got into a fight with the “commander”. And now this SV*Loch sneaky way decided to take revenge,” said an adherent of the “LC”.

“What were you thinking and what would make this drunk not to understand. Want to look into the eyes of this t**ri!!!!” — post angry separatists.


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