Exhibition A life, a look at the CNE: degenerations meeting

anick-fortin-choisi-photographier-yvetteSadness, happiness, concern, serenity, dream. images of life, captured by young photographers, when the day of reckoning has come for their subjects. This is what offers a life, a look, exhibition in the Space Hall of the National Exhibition Centre in Jonquiere.

Five photographers aged falls between 25 and 35 were captured in a photograph the witness of a life delivered by seniors aged 75 to 104 years. They share with the public the result of a meeting in pictures and words.

The primary objective of the project signed Jim & Jane productions was to create intergérationnels links. Thus, photographers Karyne Gagné, Marilyn Bouchard, Jean-Michel Décoste, Émond-Simon Doyle and Anick Fortin met with elders of the house of A New Momentum Kénogami. A first meeting was first organized. It was an opportunity to create a first contact with Anna-Marie, Marie-Louise, Yvette, Rita and Theresa. Some time later, during a single day, every photographer spent 45 minutes with each of the topics. By opening the door of his residence, leaving the elder into his privacy. The result speaks for itself. The generations are met.

Five shots, the CNE visitor attempts to guess the subject. In five texts, he discovered, by parcel.

With the same subject, the comments and perceptions vary, a photographer to another. The relationship could be established between every senior and every photographer is different. It is easily perceived.

Some meetings have led to confidence delivered without restraint. Other more remained on the surface.

The overall picture allows you to see come off the personality of the subjects, but also the photographers. By light, color, choice of plan, one feels one’s identity.

Some pictures are moving. This is the case of the portrait of Marie-Anna, 86, picked up by Anick Fortin. The lady, whose parents died when she was a child holds in his hands a book summarizing his life. She says the importance of one of its pages. One containing the letter left by her sick father before his death.

Other fascinated by their light or happiness that emerges with a smile. The loss of a child, the need for freedom, love in all its forms. The great sorrows and great joys, but also smaller, hopes, disappointments …

On one of the walls, one picture shows Marie-Louise. This is the group meeting held earlier draft that yielded a picture of Marie-Louise. The old lady 104 years died out during the project. None of the photographers will have time to visit her. She had promised the participants to deliver them his secret to longevity. It will be flown with him.

“We wondered if we were to add another person. Finally, Stéphanie Gagné, initiator of the artistic process, found that not precisely the project had placed us in front of the fragility of life. This choice reinforces the idea of ​​the exhibition. It was the right choice, “said Karyne Gagné, participating photographer who claims to have been transformed by the project.

“These meetings have been exceptional, we were able to see these women not so different from us. One often has the impression that a ravine separates us from old age, but it was very close in the end. ”

The approach is subject to a 15-minute documentary that can be viewed on site.

The exhibition runs until April 28.

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