Excessive drinking can harm the health of the medical

Обильное питье может нанести вред здоровью - медики

Drinking plenty of water is dangerous: why a generous fluid intake is harmful to health

Billboard literally от0всюду we are popular vyrajeniem “Water is life”, people used to think that drinking lots of water – it is right, is vital and helps to improve overall health, but is it really?

Обильное питье может нанести вред здоровью - медики

Known recommendation of the health care system familiar to all: to drink a day 1,5-2 litres of fluid. But, at the same time, too much water used can be extremely dangerous for the human body, state the doctors. Danger lurks in the water consumption standards – that is, if a person drinks more water than they can treat his kidneys, reports Channel 24.

800-1000 milliliters of water. Approximately this amount of water kidneys can process in an hour. Dangerous, when sodium in the body increases and contribute to this can be that excessive consumption of water. Scientists have warned – excessive hydration of the body is extremely dangerous: when the body gets too much water, it is difficult blood pressure is regulated. This process is fraught with negative health consequences like damage to brain functions, the person may even be in a coma, and even death.

Обильное питье может нанести вред здоровью - медики

At particular risk are people with weak kidneys. Doctors warned that excess water for them to poison.

Liquid to drink you should choose, and drink properly and even carefully, insist doctors. A recent study shows that taking even one energy drink a day impairs blood vessel function. Recent results presented at the annual meeting of the American heart Association. In 2015, researchers at the Mayo clinic proved that even one can of energy improves blood pressure and cortisol levels in the blood.

The danger of these drinks is associated with a high content of stimulants. For example, the combination of caffeine and guarana, can have dangerous consequences for human health. Recently, the world health organization published a meta-analysis of studies of energy drinks, which stated that “the health risks associated with consumption of energy drinks, primarily associated with high caffeine content”. Overdose of caffeine does not necessarily result in death but causes tachycardia , nausea, vomiting, seizures, metabolic acidosis and hypertension.

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