Examination according to the “Rotterdam +” give grounds for closing the criminal case — Trohimets

Экспертизы по формуле «Роттердам +» дают основания для закрытия уголовного дела, — Трохимец

Examination confirmed the economic validity of the formula “Rotterdam+” and the absence of losses from its use, so the criminal case should be closed. According to the Facts, this was written by the President of the Association of energy of Ukraine Alexander Trohimets on his page in Facebook.

“Forensic experts three times (!!!) confirmed the legality and economic validity of the formula “Rotterdam+”. And if such conditions do not exist such components of the crime of damages and intent. That is, members of the national Commission acted lawfully in the interests of the country and not a particular oligarch as we are trying to impose. It is not surprising that SAP is in no hurry to bring data to the expert opinion to the criminal proceedings. After this, they will have to close the case,” wrote Trohimets.

The expert recalled that recently in the network appeared the copies of the decisions of Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) to conduct forensic examinations in the case “Rotterdam +” and expert reports on the results of these examinations, which indicate that the formula is sound.

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“For the first time SAP has addressed in the Kiev research Institute of forensic expertise (KNIISE) more than 2 years ago September 21, 2017. Subsequently, almost a year later, on July 26, 2018, prosecutors had to clarify your questions to the experts, because they were worded so legally illiterate, that was more like rhetorical. Although the revised questions were not better. 15 Aug 2018 GDP KNIISE provided your expert opinion… Experts said clearly: the formula for determining the price of thermal coal [“Rotterdam +”] is cost-justified; the price of coal […] correspond to the level of coal prices on the world market”, — wrote Trohimets.

In his opinion, SAP the following conclusions of experts are not satisfied, because it negates all attempts to find any leads in the case, and prosecutors re-appealed to KNIISE with “refined” list of issues. However, the experts provided two more conclusions, which confirmed the reasonableness of the “Rotterdam +”.

We will remind, earlier the lawyer of the former head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk Irina Odintsov said that SAP deliberately hiding from the court the results of the examination on the “Rotterdam+”, confirming the validity of the formula. But the lawyer suspects in the case “Rotterdam +” from DTEK Natalia Drywall announced that SAP has received at least three expert conclusion, which confirmed the correctness of the formula.