“Everyone will be a criminal case”: what is known about the new team Poroshenko, disclosed the first names

"У каждого найдется уголовное дело": что известно о новой команде Порошенко, раскрыты первые имена

Petro Poroshenko said he goes to Parliament with a renewed party, the names of his assistants all have long known

Recently, domestic media reported that Vladimir Klitschko go camping on the Parliament as the leader of the updated (and separated from PPB) UDAR party, led by his brother and the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. Volodymyr Groysman said that collects the team with which he will go on elections to the Parliament.

Petro Poroshenko plans a major rebranding of his party, said at a closed meeting with the deputies and Ministers of the BPP after the electoral defeat and ready to go on elections to the Parliament with a renewed party. In the middle of all this was the attorney General Lutsenko, who wants to maintain his position until re-election to the Parliament.

The journalist Alexander Dubinsky decided to respond to the news and to explain the role of Poroshenko takes Lutsenko, while trying to maintain their power at any cost. The opinion he expressed in the video, which was published on the official page in Youtube.

According to Dubinsky that all attempts Poroshenko, various methods entrenched in power, because all of these people is a “collective Poroshenko”. According to Dubinsky Groisman leads Poroshenko and independent politician he never was:

“Groysman as an independent policy never existed, the story of what he has. some autonomy we invested in the head when he was appointed Prime Minister after Yatsenyuk. He sort of demanded something from Poroshenko, his quota. He just said, “Here’s a Cabinet that’s the same amount of money will bring, that these sectors give it to me, and others here, take the rest myself.” Vladimir Borisovich at our expense bad PR hanging PSAs, posters, billboards and commercials on TV show what he done.”

According to the journalist, apparently all the money he lacks, so he is joined by an old man Poroshenko — Klitschko:

"У каждого найдется уголовное дело": что известно о новой команде Порошенко, раскрыты первые имена

“It now connects to the Groisman and strengthens it. Well, Klitschko is nothing, an empty space, such a plywood cover for morons, for which there is Lyovochkin, Stolar, which takes all the kickbacks from the Kiev budget, and that Firtash, who all their covers. This whole mafia structure, which oversees Klitschko and makes himself the form of a political party. Here is her first framed under Poroshenko, who in 2014 became President, and now move it under Groisman, who has a good chance to drop by the Parliament on the grandparents who raised pensions,” says Dubinsky.

Poroshenko, meanwhile, according to the journalist, dragged to the Parliament of people made money all five years of presidency:

“With this group, not quite sane Ukrainian citizens, called the sect of 25%, which is actually 10%. For this platform, in order to drop to the Parliament and to push there all maximum toxic partners. He his powerful back takes them with him. Well, it’s his karma, because they made money and in prison with him if they will sit, so they go together in the power and Groisman relatively clean with Klitschko is in the power of another column”.

"У каждого найдется уголовное дело": что известно о новой команде Порошенко, раскрыты первые имена

Dubinsky said that Lutsenko is also not just wants to stay where it is longer, there’s a good reason:

“And Lutsenko, performs the role of the law enforcement roof, which will not be until the parliamentary elections, to give any law enforcement agencies to initiate criminal proceedings against the odious characters. in all the clips. I mean Stolar — print nowhere to put Firtash — there are criminal cases the roof, he Groisman and his Ministers who call people scum. There, if you want to take and against each there is a criminal case. That Poroshenko in his new party that, in the Groisman with Klitschko. That’s why Lutsenko remains in place to protect them, shield them from criminal inspectors”, he concluded.

Recall, each Poroshenko Filatov disappeared after a corruption scandal.

As reported Politeka future Poroshenko in the policy in question.

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