“Even not allowed in the train”: uz disgraced new “divorce”

«Даже не пустили в поезд»: Укрзализныця оскандалилась новым «разводом»

The state company “Ukrzaliznytsya” caught in a new scandal because of the situation with electronic tickets

This was reported by user Irina Maister on his page in Facebook.

“Ukrzaliznytsya enriched by 2000 UAH at the expense of passengers? You want to know? 4 passenger bought a ticket via the Internet. Upon presentation of an electronic ticket, the conductor said that he’s not real, although bought and paid for but not printed. We complained to the duty of the station we were asked to call the tip line,” she said.

«Даже не пустили в поезд»: Укрзализныця оскандалилась новым «разводом»

At the same time, netizens said that he had seen this situation directly in the station.

“This f*GNA kids. So I always print, because not all have that wonderful scanner,” “I am on the ramp watching the same situation…and the girl didn’t take”, ” You “form zamovlennya” was going to land or “landing document”” “Oh last year I bought a ticket at the ticket office of Kiev on the train Shepetivka in Fastov 10 car, and the cars forgot precepice, was only 8” “And what kind of power, why 500 goals in the Verkhovna Rada: this is rotten, rotten with the system. (The fish rots from the head!): Ps rotten should be thrown away but do not crop,” they write.

As previously reported, Ukrzaliznytsia is constantly gets into any scandals, so it is not surprising that it happened again.

Recently Ukrzaliznytsya got into another scandal. So, in the near branded train №118 “Bucovina” from Kiev to Ivano-Frankivsk, a ticket for which costs 450 UAH, journalist Yaroslav Hrenovu issued bed linen, covered with strange dark spots.

According to him, the bed had to be replaced three times and each time it was a large number of spots. The journalist writes that after another attempt he managed to collect three sets one, far from ideal. Arenow also noted that the bed, at first glance, is washed, however, the origin of the spots was unclear.

“The conductor answered that he has all the kits are the same. To the question why, then, the cost of linens has increased, but services such as he was, he could not answer”, — writes Arenov.

And the toilet was another surprise: instead of the tap was only half of the crane, with it, says the man, “it is evident that drives this half of the crane in the country for a long time”.

Jaroslav Arenov filed a complaint hotline, the company is now waiting for the outcome.

«Даже не пустили в поезд»: Укрзализныця оскандалилась новым «разводом»

Recall that Railways was caught in a new scandal: details and pictures “hell” finds from the train.

As reported Politeka, ticket prices will inflate to 40 percent, which was prepared by Ukrzaliznytsia for the Ukrainians.

Earlier Politeka wrote that experts have uncovered, where the “Ukrzaliznytsia” will spend billions.