Evacuation at the sorting center: a “volatile product irritating to the throat”

(SHERBROOKE) The twenty employees of Sherbrooke sorting center were evacuated Thursday morning around 10am after the company has received Récup-Estrie material that caused discomfort among some employees.

The members of the unit of hazardous materials from Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service were dispatched to the scene.

There is talk of a “volatile product irritating to the throat” symptoms observed in affected employees.

None of the staff had to be rushed to hospital. The paramedics paramedics were on site as a precaution, says one.

For their part, firefighters have begun to identify the product that caused the emergency evacuation.

The volatile material had been deposited in a green tray. That’s when unloading the contents of a truck in the pre-sorting area as fumes began to affect some workers.

It was then evacuated from the building on the Claude-Greffard street, at the corner of Queen Victoria Boulevard and Highway 610.

House cleaning

A similar event was held there for about a year, said Taraneh Sepahsalari, Executive Director of Sorting Centre. This type of incident can occur in the spring when people do the housework at home.

“It’s important to tell people that chemicals need to be made in eco-centers where it has the materials safely,” she says.

“Here, we are not equipped to handle these products that can endanger the health and safety of our employees.”

This event comes days after a massive vote of unionized employees in favor of pressure tactics up to the general strike.

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