Eurovision-2019 jeopardy, people at risk: urgent appeal

Евровидение-2019 под угрозой срыва, люди в опасности: срочное обращение

Life members of the largest vocal competition “Eurovision” can turn into hell

The event in Israel was in jeopardy because of threats of terrorists. Details of a dangerous situation according to local media.

In 2019 vocal competition “Eurovision-2019” needs to be held in Israeli tel Aviv. However, members of the radical organization “Islamic Jihad” has posted an appeal to the inhabitants of the country and threatened people with brutal violence. He stated that he will not allow to hold the event, wanting revenge for Israel’s aggression to the Palestine.

Евровидение-2019 под угрозой срыва, люди в опасности: срочное обращение

“We affirm the decision makers in Israel: do not dream about peace and that it will be achieved at the expense of the Palestinian people. Our forces are determined to give a decent response to the enemy in its aggression, which it will catch by surprise,” — said representatives of the “Islamic Jihad”.

It should be noted that the first semi-final of “Eurovision-2019” will be held on may 14. Two days later planned a second. According to plans of organizers, the competition finals and winner announcement will take place on may 18. What was the reaction of Israeli authorities on a radical, terrorist — is still unknown.

Евровидение-2019 под угрозой срыва, люди в опасности: срочное обращение

Earlier, the Israeli media has already reported about the threats from the radicals. So the Hamas movement in the video demanded to lift the blockade of Palestinian territories and abide by the agreement on the ceasefire, which was concluded between Israel and Palestine. A mediator was made by Egypt. The gunmen demanded to take their demands and allow them to celebrate.

Otherwise, the terrorists promised to respond violently to the Israelites a salvo of missiles at the exhibition complex “Ganey Taaruha”, which will take place on “the Eurovision”. Supposedly, the building is “designated as the target for strikes.” Guests of the competition at risk to die from explosions or rubble during the attack. Now the danger has only increased because of the complex attack was threatened from two terrorist organizations.

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