Eurovision 2019 in jeopardy: an unexpected problem “all on nerves”

Евровидение 2019 под угрозой срыва: неожиданные проблемы, "все на нервах"

During the dress rehearsal of Sergei Lazarev to perform at the song contest “Eurovision” began to have serious problems with the technique

This was reported by “Browser”. In addition to Lazarev with the hardware problems faced by other participants. Some were not working headphones and they did not hear how they sing.

From Lazarev during the speech failed screens.

“Held a dress rehearsal of semi-final with Lazarev. So, the technique continues to falter, said to fire those screens at the wrong time, and problems with the room not only Sergei, but the rest of the participants. Yesterday some of the contestants didn’t work “ears” and they couldn’t hear myself think, so someone was singing off key. In General, all the nerves, apply that and how to fix it”, — stated in the message.

Евровидение 2019 под угрозой срыва: неожиданные проблемы, "все на нервах"

Earlier it was reported that kicked off the Eurovision song contest in 2019. The official opening of the Eurovision song contest-2019 took place on 12 may in tel Aviv. At the opening of the song contest made numerous guest stars, including actor Andrey Danilko. In the image of Verka Serduchka, the contractor once again pleased with the European public. Video posted on the official Youtube channel of the contest. It is also known that the musician was accompanied by his stage “mom”, she was carrying a bottle of champagne – because of this, the frame turned out a lot fuss. So the host of the show invited artists from Ukraine to drink alcohol at the orange carpet event.

Евровидение 2019 под угрозой срыва: неожиданные проблемы, "все на нервах"

We will remind, the representative of France at Eurovision-2019 was androgynous Bilal Hassani.

The androgyne is a person, endowed with the external characteristics of both sexes. The man who feels and a man and a woman. But this feature does not prevent the young star to develop. It is even considered a highlight of the artist.

Bilal Hassani is not the first celebrity with a similar feature. Successfully built his career using his hand, the uniqueness of its appearance and perception, and celebrities such as bill Kaulitz (lead singer of Tokyo Hotel), Prince Rogers Nelson (one of the founders of modern rhythm-and-Blues), actress Tilda Swinton (film star and contemporary artist, belonging to an ancient Scottish family) and others.

Recall that Verka Serduchka stunned their way into the Eurovision song contest with Osadchaya.

As reported Politeka, Eurovision-2019 is in jeopardy because of the militants.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrey Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka still perform at the Eurovision song contest in 2019.