Europe attacked the poisonous creature, the experts told about the anomaly: “this has not been”

Европу атаковали ядовитые твари, эксперты рассказали об аномалии: "такого еще не было"

Toxic insects have overrun Western Europe because of the warm winter and spring

Germany, Holland and other European countries are struggling with the invasion of the oak marching caterpillars of silkworms. The hairs on their body are toxic they cause allergic reactions and skin irritation write Ukrainian news.

Since the current winter and spring in Europe was warm, these caterpillars divorced very much. By the end of July, these caterpillars should become butterflies, harmless to humans. But while they face many problems.

Европу атаковали ядовитые твари, эксперты рассказали об аномалии: "такого еще не было"

In the Belgian city of Louvain, local firefighters had to destroy the nest of these poisonous caterpillars before a rock concert.

The invasion of caterpillars, particularly in the Ruhr, a densely populated region of Germany. There were closed some schools and parks in order to give the specialists to destroy the nests of caterpillars in oak trees.

Every grown-up caterpillars, there are about 700 thousand fibers, which, dropping out, can be quite far spread by the wind.

Park Fredenbaumpark in Dortmund was closed to visitors for three weeks because I have found that caterpillars seized at least 500 trees.

Park Manager Frank Darch said that compared to last year, the invasion of caterpillars is much more widespread.

The team, dressed in suits of chemical protection, climb to the top of the tree using the fire stairs and destroy the nests of caterpillars using blow lamps or vacuum cleaners.

In the Netherlands also noted a sharp increase in the number of these caterpillars. Caterpillar has also occupied almost the whole of Luxembourg. Local authorities have warned residents and tourists to be careful. Invasion were also some regions of Spain and England.

Европу атаковали ядовитые твари, эксперты рассказали об аномалии: "такого еще не было"

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There are other kinds of Hiking tracks, for example, those who prefer the leaves of Mediterranean pine. It is also dangerous for health to touch the nests of these caterpillars.Caterpillar is also dangerous for dogs.

These larvae are natural enemies, including parasites and certain species of beetles. Birds, with rare exceptions, prefer to stay away from Hiking the moths away.

The websites of the municipalities in Germany are offered to wash and wash clothes and other items that were in contact with the villi of the tracks and immediately seek medical help.

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