Etienne Morin award at East West Bowl

secondeur-gaiters-universite-bishops-etienne(Sherbrooke) It was an unforgettable weekend for Etienne Morin.

Not only linebacker Bishop’s Gaiters celebrated his 24th birthday Friday by taking part in the week of activities surrounding the East West Bowl hopes of the best professional Canadian football, now he has harvested more the MVP the defensive game for the formation of the East during Saturday’s game. Just that.

Not bad for a guy who was just starting his third season with the Condors Beauce-Appalaches (college football Division 2) and had to wait last year before doing the same with the Bishop’s Gaiters.

“I really enjoyed my week in Montreal. I liked the different physical tests – I had never participated in this kind of thing before – I liked the workouts and also blessed with several different coaches who gave us advice. It’s always interesting to rub other kinds of defensive systems, “he said.

Etienne Morin is a worker in the shadows. Without star status, evolving for a team that has had its share of difficulties in the last two years, you would think he would have again gone under the radar.

“I am humble and honest about everything. I’ve always worked hard, it is the efforts that have given me what I get today. I changed position at least four times in college before I find myself linebacker. I even played on the attack! I know what it’s like, being on the bench and watch the other players, and I certainly do not want to go back! ”

Morin finished his match, won by the Western formation by 29-14, with three tackles, including two for losses and a drawdown of the quarter, in addition to a fumble recovery.


“I am very happy with my MVP, but basically, I just did what I had to do. I was pretty surprised when they called my name! I was happy with my game, but at this point, it’s beyond my expectations. ”

A native of Beauce, Morin will play its third and final year with the Gaiters in 2016. Being named defensive player of the match also noted that the East West Bowl will certainly increase his rating among CFL teams.

The East West Bowl serves primarily as a display case for the best university hopes the country for professional CFL Draft the following year.

“I prefer not to think about that for now. I really focused on my next season with the Gaiters. I remain humble in everything. ”

“It was not easy in the last two years with the Gaiters, but the vibe is right for 2016. I can not wait to begin this season under the orders of our new coordinator Marc Loranger. I knew him by reputation and from our first meeting, I was won over by his approach. ”

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