Eric Monier : the ex-leader of France 2 accused of sexual harassment will be well pursued by the justice – Here

Learning that a journalist accused him of sexual harassment, Eric Monier, ex-editorial director of France 2, had doubted the veracity of the complaint filed against him. Justice less, because it has just ordered the opening of a preliminary investigation.

Last October 31, Anne Saurat-Dubois decided to lodge a complaint for sexual harassment and mobbing against Eric Monier, his former boss at the editorial team of France 2. The journalist, who now works for BFM TV, had addressed, through his lawyer, to the prosecutor of the Republic. The latter has just taken its decision and has chosen to open a preliminary investigation, as stated in the AFP.

Master Philippe of Spineless, lawyer for Anne Saurat-Dubois, confirms that the decision of the prosecutor general to open an official investigation would be based on the fact that “numerous testimonies confirm the basis of the complaint for sexual harassment and moral harassment” filed by his client. “Other testimonies corroborate the facts,” she said in a message posted on his Twitter account.

And yes, other testimonies corroborate the facts. 🙏 Thank you to the @SNJ_national for this complaint to my sides.

— Anne Saurat-Dubois (@annesaurat) November 15, 2017

She also thanked the National Union of Journalists, which has decided to lodge a complaint against Eric Monier, in solidarity with their sister. In a press release published on Facebook, the union confirms that ” numerous testimonies of the profession support the facts that [Anne Saurat-Dubois] intends to denounce and for which it has filed a complaint “.

Today employees of the TF1 group, Eric Monier had stated upon learning of the filing of the complaint, that he wanted in the first place ” knowing the reality “, adding, ” and then we talk about it when appropriate.” So, this will be the case.

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