Erdogan has set a condition for US: either respect the Turkey, or we’re looking for new friends

The Turkish President is confident that Ankara imposed sanctions can only hurt Americans.


Эрдоган поставил условие США: либо уважайте Турцию, либо мы ищем новых друзей

Erdogan has set a condition for US: either respect the Turkey, or we are looking for new друзей


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the current unilateral approach and at the same time disrespect on the part of representatives of the United States should promptly be stopped, otherwise Ankara remains nothing, except how to search for new allies, writes Russia Today.

The Turkish leader stressed that all the restrictions and sanctions introduced in Washington are threatening exclusively to the Americans, they will undermine the interests and security of the United States. Erdogan believes that the States should reconsider its policy towards Turkey, because she, like many other States, there are alternatives.

Recall that the us government imposed sanctions against Turkey because of the arrest of pastor Andrew Brunson. American suspected of having links with the preacher Patalakha Gultom and his movement, which believed in the Republic, is the organizer of the failed attempt of a military coup in July 2016.

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