Epiphany 2019: a number of the signs and traditions of the holiday

Christmas and new year holidays in Russia continues, although additional output from the Russians and never will.

Very soon the people of Russia will celebrate one of the major religious holidays – Epiphany.

Epiphany 2019: a number story

Epiphany is a Christian holiday which is established in honor of the event – the baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan by John the Baptist.

Epiphany is celebrated every year on the same day – January 19. And 2019 is no exception – all Orthodox Christians will celebrate the Baptism on Saturday, January 19.

As stated in the gospel narrative to John Critically, which was at the river Jordan at Bethany on the other side, came a 30-year-old Jesus Christ with the goal to be baptized.

By that time John did a lot of preaching about what on earth the Messiah to come, and I was very surprised when it came to Jesus. During the sacrament of Christ’s baptism “the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came from heaven, saying, Thou art My Beloved Son; in Thee I am well pleased.”

After the baptism, with the participation of John, the whole people was confirmed by the Messianic mission of Jesus Christ.

The second name of the feast of the Epiphany recalls the miracle that happened during the baptism of Christ in the form of a dove came down from heaven the Holy Spirit and the voice from heaven called Jesus son.

Epiphany 2019: signs and holiday traditions

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Like any other religious holiday, the Epiphany found its reflection in folk traditions.

In the days of the Rus Baptism was considered the last day of Christmas holidays, starting with Christmas. Young girls had finished the divination, and all the people preparing for the holiday.

Epiphany has long been considered a holiday in which you can be cleansed from sin.

The main tradition of the Epiphany is the great blessing of the waters and dipping in the hole – “Jordan”. Usually consecrate twice – in the eve of the Epiphany water is consecrated in a temple standing in the middle of the font. The second time water is consecrated in the celebration of Baptism – in any body of water porubitsya “Jordan” in the form of a cross, dip the cross where the priest conducted the prayer service.

In the morning in the Baptism all believers are to worship in the temple, and after the cross stroke to the hole where to dip.

It is worth noting that the plunge in the ice hole at the Baptism is not a Church tradition, but rather the people.

The water consecrated on Epiphany, according to the people, has healing properties. This water is stored throughout the year until the next Epiphany.

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