Epiphanius was struck by a powerful appeal to Zelensky: what the President needs Ukraine

Епифаний поразил мощным обращением к Зеленскому: какой президент нужен Украине

The head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epiphanius congratulated President Vladimir Zelensky on his election victory and Easter

This was announced on the official website of the DNC, reports “Know.sa”.

Епифаний поразил мощным обращением к Зеленскому: какой президент нужен Украине

The Metropolitan turned to politics with an important request. Head priest reminded Zelensky that he confided in the nation, and the President faces an important task — to defend the country from Russian aggression.

“Dear Vladimir! Personally and on behalf of the Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church I cordially congratulate You, Your loved ones! You have been assigned a special duty to protect our freedom from aggression from Russia, daily to repel its military, diplomatic, economic, informational attack on our country and to bring Ukraine closer to victory and the restoration of territorial integrity, to achieve a just peace.”

The Metropolitan asked the President to become a guarantor of state independence and unity of its citizens. Epiphanius is confident that Vladimir Zelensky will contribute to the continuation of the course of European integration and reforms aimed at economic growth, combating corruption and achieving fairness in legal proceedings of Ukraine.

“Rejoicing with You on the occasion of Easter, I wish you good health, strength, inspiration, and all the best from God — spiritual and earthly of necessity. May the Risen Lord bless all Your good works for the benefit of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.”

Earlier it was reported that Metropolitan Epiphanios told what will happen to the Tomos DNC after the election. The head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine stressed that the change of President will not affect the Tomos of autocephaly.

According to Epiphanius, Tomos cannot be revoked even if the change of the state policy of Ukraine.

Епифаний поразил мощным обращением к Зеленскому: какой президент нужен Украине

“I don’t see the risk of losing Thomas, because we are the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. We are now seeing from RPCU statements that encourage believers to make certain decisions during the elections. Is moral pressure. Like, you see, the change of power and then can revoke the Tomos”, — said the Metropolitan.

Recall that Epiphanius made an important statement about the presidential election.

As reported Politeka, house of Epiphany for a few million showed Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that Epiphanius urgently appealed to Ukrainians before the beginning of lent.