Epiphanius has made an urgent appeal to the Ukrainian people: “the Church should in future unite”

Епифаний сделал срочное обращение к украинцам: «Церкви должны в будущем объединиться»

Metropolitan ptsu Epiphany appealed to the citizens with the words of the United Church

He said this in the broadcast program author Nicholas Knyazhytskyy, reports Еспресо.TV

“In General, many aspire to and suggests that these churches should in future unite. But in order to unite, we must come to dialogue. Now we work closely. We jointly implement specific projects, participate in joint events,” he said.

Епифаний сделал срочное обращение к украинцам: «Церкви должны в будущем объединиться»

Thus, says Epiphanius, much of this would depend on meetings and talks with the head of the UGCC.

“At the meeting with his Beatitude Sviatoslav and we talked about further deepening of our cooperation. In this cooperation we will come to dialogue, and the dialogue will determine whether we will be able to unite. Theoretically, this may happen in the future. But it depends on how we will work together to maintain these friendly relations, to strive for this unity In the future.. all the Orthodox should unite into a single Church,” he said.

As previously reported, the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky held a meeting with Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epiphanius. About the nuances of the meeting in interview to journalists told the Epiphany.

It is noted that the meeting between Vladimir Zelensky and head of the DNC took place on 30 April, but its details until today were unknown.

Epiphany admitted that the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky made a positive impression on him. He noted that he wants friendly relations with the future head of state, and his “confessional preferences do not affect the development or the internal Affairs of the Ukrainian Church.”

While communicating with journalists the head of the DNC has also stated that he had “very positive” impression after talking with Vladimir Zelensky, although they personally were not familiar.

To a journalist’s question about the joke of “95 Quarter” on the Tomos, when the actors on stage called him a “thermos”, Metropolitan Epiphanios replied, “no hard feelings and there are many other issues and challenges that need to be addressed”

“As Orthodox, we should not pay attention to past wrongs. It doesn’t matter. It is important to build Ukraine together. It is impossible to go forward with a head turned back”, – concluded the head of the DNC in an interview with reporters.

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