Enzebreur first

alexandre-jardin-passage-pour-troisieme(SHERBROOKE) Alexandre Jardin sees the world in blue, white, zebra. The first writer famous for his romances is also known now for his civic involvement. The political movement that he launched (aptly named Blue, white, zebra, of course) is unifying. And he took the safe in France.

“Regional policy is prepared to negotiate budgets, to do much more, on a larger scale. It is huge, it’s enjoyable. We want to create a primary of the French for fall 2017, along with the party primaries. It will be fa-bu-lous! “Says the father of Fanfan, ball head, zebra and many other novels that have made time.

While in Sherbrooke for the third edition of the very popular conference of words and chalk, the popular French author has a little (lot) of time difference in the body. He just put plural interviews and conferences. Yet converse without weariness.

Nothing begins his eloquence and enthusiasm. We listen to mention social, the act now, the real power of the base and immediately understand why they are both up behind the locomotive that leads to full speed.

The idea is that it advocates a frank simplicity, but it made a big merry way with those he calls Faizeux. With a capital F, yes, and the very sense of the term.

“In France, the effectiveness of public policies is not there, they are unable to repair fractures in the system, delays are crazy. All this leads to a leak in the extreme. People make the strike vote or they spin to the National Front. If we remain consumers face in public life, we constantly rattle. Rather than feeding a culture of complaint, we must do what we can to change things, to turn to people who know how to manufacture and all adults country living country. ”

Nations where people act to knead this better world they dream of.

“If we do not recognize the power of the individual, it is sad companies.”

And sadness, very little for him. He said and repeat, as in his recent interview test Let us do! We have already started: in the act, there is joy.

Still, as joyous as it is, the mobilization order time. A lot of time. We guess that daily life gets.

“I’m constantly on the road. The personal cost of this is very high … It’s demanding but exhilarating. Imagine, it brings together Faizeux and discuss their best actions to see if it can do school. ”

And here?

Several things can be imported here as elsewhere. Read the program and to read, for example, born in France in the 1990s, established in Quebec in 2002, he spoke extensively about teachers attending the congress.

“For me, it was the base, the original action.”

The first foundation of what can the strength of numbers.

“It’s simple: Seniors going to read to kindergarten students and first year. Just that, it makes you want to read to children. It’s extraordinary, are vaccinated against school failure! Now, in France, the program rallied 20,000 volunteers and benefiting 650,000 children. In Quebec, it’s 1500 seniors read to 10000 children. ”

To reduce the dropout rate, we must rely on the written culture, insists the author.

“This is the key to future employment now. A child who feels no pleasure to the book, is in great danger. Employability requires the mastery of written language. And we did not talk, yet, everything brings reading. ”

Empathy, understanding, imagination. All of this.

“And the vocabulary! A child bed has a range of words to express the emotion, it is less likely to hit. ”

The novelist urged Quebecers to make the program flourish here too. By involving the University of the Third Age, for example.

“You want it in your school? Let us know. In two months it will be launched. ”

Jasons launch precisely. Could he push in the political arena and run for the vote?

“Absolutely. This is not an end for us, but if we go, I go. And the beauty of it is that little matter whether elected or not, we, we will fulfill our promises. ”

Because they are Faizeux. And he, a enzèbreur first.

A book with that?

The idea is amazing, almost incongruous. But when you think about it, it is especially great. In McDonald’s France, with the purchase of a meal for children, you can have the small plastic toy as elsewhere. Or you can choose a picture book signed Alexandre Jardin. I would, without hesitation, for the second option. I’m not the only one. “So far, 12 million books have been distributed,” says the author, who signed 18 stories for youth. In 14 months. With the revolution he prepares, one wonders how he did it.

“If I stop writing, I die.”

Then he finds time. It gleans the hours and minutes as he can. The transatlantic flight of a few hours? Perfect time to write, he illustrates.

It is also in the process of weaving a new romance. For when we do not know. “But I better finish it quickly because the civic revolution is coming to France!” He says with a laugh.

“I have two hands, he continues, a novelist, the other citizen. At the same time, all this social involvement, it corresponds to the idea that I have of life, it is normal to leave his profession to care for others. To return to the essence of the policy is to take care of the group, to act in the public interest. It must become actors. And then it makes you happy! This approach to public policy is fundamentally creative. I feel embark on a great adventure. ”

And write a little in the future, too.

Alexander Garden is a man of words, ideas and pitch. He insists there is nothing as practical solutions that emanate from the medium.

“Here, mezzanines (the school Our Lady of the Rosary). Let’s talk about it!”

Talk about it, yes. Recall that it was much discussion last week when the school board ordered to destroy them because they did not meet the standards of the Régie du bâtiment.

“These mezzanines, this is typical of beautiful ideas that arise in practice. Who would have thought of that, otherwise? Yves Nadon was there, he created this tool it knew its scope. Which, in an office, away from the field, would have thought that? These are professionals who know their business. Not the bureaucrats. It reminds me of that sentence Churchill: “They are professionals who built the Titanic, amateurs who built Noah’s Ark.” I love this statement “!

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