“Energy is finished” after two weeks for Martin Pouliot

martin-pouliot-coanimateur-stephane-gendron(Quebec) Martin Pouliot will only passed on Energy 98.9 airwaves. The facilitator was shown the door by the station after only two weeks alongside Stephane Gendron, hours after a spat on the air with this last Wednesday afternoon.

Martin Pouliot occupied one of the two microphones Pouliot-Gendron Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 since June 27 at Energy. It was a return to the wave of Quebec for the one who was at the helm of the issuance of the afternoon of 2009 to 2007 FM93 The moderator announced the dismissal of 98.9 on his Facebook page Wednesday afternoon “Energy, it’s over …”

Earlier Wednesday, during a live interview with the aspiring Conservative leader Maxime Bernier, Pouliot is back on the case Julie Couillard, former wife of the politician with whom he had left confidential documents in 2008, forcing him to resign from his post of foreign minister.

Erecting parallel with confidential emails sent over an insecure by Hillary Clinton in the US server, Martin Pouliot asked during the interview with Maxime Bernier why conservative activists should trust him despite the Couillard affair.

Welcoming the “good question”, the Conservative aspiring chef explained at length to have learned of the scandal and said he paid the price at the time. This is after things have festered, while Stéphane Gendron wanted to apologize to his interlocutor to the question of his co-host, condemning the latter. “I tell you, Martin, it was not the angle I wanted to give the interview. I get Maxime Bernier interview is someone I like a lot and I think it’s not about making connections with the US policy on it get worse “, was -it sorry for the member for Beauce was still on the phone.

Reaction Stephane Gendron

“I am leading the interviews, and me there, get there, pogner to someone in a corner at the last minute there, worse start making shenanigans here, me it’s not even that I manage Martin my guests. We will take a break on it, “Has he said a minute later, leaving his co-host puzzled.

Page of Gendron-Pouliot issue had already been renamed Gendron on Energy website Wednesday night, and the extract of the interview with Maxime Bernier had been withdrawn. The radioego.com specialized site, however, had kept an online excerpt.

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