Emmanuel Macron wrote an adventure novel, and other unusual news about the new president

After his election, it was today the day of the transfer of power for Emmanuel Macron. This ex-banker, fond of literature and theater, he has not refused any dream but has always cultivated a secret garden.

39 years old and already president! Certainly, Emmanuel Macron will have several lives. Even before donning the costume of President of the Republic, the young prodigy has multiplied passions, sometimes the most unusual.

A brilliant pupil, he is also a music lover. He also studied piano at a high level, obtaining the 3rd prize of the conservatory of Amiens while he was still in high school. Even if his voice is to work, he is karaoke enthusiast, according to Europe 1, especially when he was a student at the ENA. He does not hesitate to push the song, and particularly admires the great voices of French chanson history, from Léo Ferré to Charles Aznavour, passing by his idol, Johnny Hallyday.

With François Hollande, he shares two passions: football and humor.

Supporter of the Olympique de Marseille, he could have made the slogan of the club Phocéen its motto: ” Right to the goal “. His resignation from the ministry of economy and his victorious race at the Elysée are proof of this.

The other trademark of the new and former president is humor, according to his former comrades in promotion. Some allaint see it to ” unpack “. The young counselor’s spirits have weighed heavily on his relationship with the now “old” president, even though he is more likely to show his culture and his love for literature than for puns.

Literature seems to be the love (and perhaps also the only disappointment) of Emmanuel Macron. He loves theater. It was thanks to the love of words that he met the woman of her life, who later became Brigitte Macron . During his high school years in Paris, he ran the castings to play in plays. He reads many, but also writes.

According to Franz-Olivier Giesbert, “t e night almost, when he goes home, Emmanuel Macron written diaries, thoughts, scenes. He already has hundreds and hundreds of pages. ”

He does not hide it, the candidate d ‘ En Marche! Could have been a writer. According to the Point, he would have already written three novels, well hidden in one of his drawers.

These Romanesque kings would even reveal the interests of the future tenant of the Elysee. According to the Point, it would be a ” epistolary novel about the Aztecs, a fairly classic love story and another that plays with time, around a pianist .”

According to journalists Caroline Derrien and Candice Nedelec, authors of the book Les Macron (Ed. Fayard) published last March, a friend of Emmanuel Macron would have read the manuscript, and would have impressed by “the extreme mastery of the language” .

” I l was terrible passages, scenes of human sacrifice. Everything was narrated with a wealth of detail stunning. ”

If this privileged person can testify to what he has read, he is the only one, for Emmanuel Macron, like so many others before him, never ventured to cross the gates of a publishing house. He explains it at the Point:

” Since I was not happy, I did not give them to a publisher, but literature nourishes my speeches and my actions.

His fear probably stems from his profound respect for the authors.

” The people I admire the most are writers, those who are a little bit untimely, there is a real courage to write, much more than doing what I do, much more than doing politics. If I were really brave, I would write, “he told Science Po students in 2010, when he was still only a business banker at the 32-year-old Rothschild bank.

Whatever happens, Emmanuel Macron will still have plenty of time after his first term to finally publish his writings. In the meantime, we can only discover his style in his speeches, during, at least, the next five years.

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