Emmanuel Macron was given an assignment on the heritage to Stéphane Bern – Here

On the occasion of the heritage days this Saturday, September 16, Stéphane Bern has been requested by Emmanuel Macron to perform a mission for the benefit of the French heritage. It will focus in particular on the small heritage in danger.

Fascinated by the history of France, Stéphane Bern, is about to assume a new function. Taking advantage of heritage Day, Emmanuel Macron has decided to entrust a mission to the host of France 2. This is Europe, 1 which provides unveiled the information on this Saturday morning. According to our confreres, the presenter Stéphane Bern was offered by the head of State a ” mission of reflection on the financing of the renovation of small heritage in danger “.

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In its press release, Europe 1 states that a ” letter of mission and a goal set six months are going to be entrusted to the facilitator, who will then be responsible for establishing a list of monuments and buildings at risk. Its niche : identify a priority of the undiscovered treasures of the French heritage, those small owners or the municipalities are struggling to maintain, ” adds the radio.

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Stéphane Bern has never hidden his long-standing friendship with Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. He had explained the reasons in the columns of Paris Match in may last year : “Our friendship is based on love and common history. To have often dined with heads of State, of the great of this world, the elect of the Republic as a simple citizen, I know recognize the true nobility of heart and mind. Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have this incredible empathy that we don’t meet much in the ‘royal’, so that the professional politicians will shake hands and never look at you. ”

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