Emmanuel Macron runs down the stairs of the Elysee, Roselyne Bachelot has an explanation

The transfer of power between Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron had its share of highlights but also unusual … The former president of the Republic had barely left the premises that his successor ran down the stairs.
François Hollande warmly welcomed Emmanuel Macron for the traditional inauguration ceremony of the new President of the Republic. Overtaken by his wife Brigitte who made a very grand entrance to the Elysee, the 39-year-old joined one his predecessor on the steps of the palace for protocol reasons . Signs of the hand, kisses sent to the crowd … It was a great moment of joy for the couple.
After the handshake immortalized by the photographers, the two men were isolated for an hour and then Emmanuel Macron accompanied Francois Hollande to his car. The former head of state left the Elysée under the applause of the people present in the court. The new President of the Republic found his wife on the steps for their first official photo as a presidential couple. And the meeting did not last too long. Emmanuel Macron quickly left Brigitte in the entrance of the palace and rushed down the stairs.
Why did the youngest President of the Republic go up the stairs two by two? What did he do? It is the mystery of this particular morning. Roselyne Bachelot was to follow the inauguration ceremony may be the answer. Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy , she knows the place very well and she has her idea about this race in this staircase of the Elysee. “Small detail for those who wonder why Macron has just come up the stairs: mid-floor, there are toilets !!! ” She wrote on Twitter. So it was perhaps a pee stop that should not be included in the protocol.

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