Emmanuel Macron: his father, Jean-Pierre Macron, comes out of the shadows

In the Macron family, we mostly know Brigitte, now well established in the media landscape . Not an appearance of the candidate without his wife at his side, as was the case on the night of his qualification for the second round of the presidential election. The girls of Brigitte Macron, one of whom, Tiphaine, is very involved in her father-in-law’s campaign , are also very present.

On the other hand, the parents of the candidate in the presidential election are much more discreet. Yet his mother was there to attend the speech of thanks for two rounds. Françoise Noguès-Macron, present behind the scenes, is delighted to share with Line Renaud and François Bayrou.

Her husband – of whom she is divorced since 2010 – did not make the trip. Was the father of Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Michel Macron, a neurologist, specialist in sleep and epileptic disorders, detained in hospital that day? Does he refuse this media overexposure? In the book “Les Macron” (ed.Fayard), the authors questioned him (by telephone) about the relationship with his son and in particular the fact that he left Amiens to continue his studies in Paris. The means, especially, will say some, to separate Emmanuel de Brigitte, who remained at Amiens.

“We did not put him out,” he explains to the writers, “we had planned for a long time that his brother and he would go to study in Paris.” In this other book devoted to the candidate of En Marche! (“A young man so perfect” Ed Plon), the journalist Anne Fulda sketches a portrait of this Picardy father. A ” pure and hard intellectual, a little introverted, who has always read much ,” describes his ex-wife.

It is indeed this intellectual complicity which seems to unite father and son. “Even if he does not see or talk to him often, the connection exists,” the journalist said. Politics robbed her son, she writes. And the whole barnum that accompanies it. “As much as I agree about his ideas, I am a bit allergic to everything that is a bit show-biz, to his media life,” admitted Jean-Michel Macron. But if his son accedes to the supreme office, he will have to do it and free his afternoon on the day of the investiture …

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