Emily Ratajkowski : her mouth and her breasts retouched by A magazine, it pushes a rant – Here

Emily Ratajkowski is very angry and she does know. She discovered that one of her photos had been retouched in a French magazine.

Emily Ratajkowski likes to take the pose (it is normal, it is when even a little of his craft, I hear you say). So it is with great pleasure that she shares her expertise with her many fans on Instagram. In a swimsuit, thong or just naked… Very professional, beautiful brunette is comfortable in all situations and it falls without any difficulty all of the challenges of photographers.

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Yesterday, the supermodel has made a new gift to its subscribers a present with a lot of advance since it is the first picture of her Advent calendar. If the indian summer seems to be cancelled this year, the lovely Emily announces to you a warming climate for the year-end holiday season. However, the temperature is quickly lowered in the model. A few hours after this warm publication, a storm warning has been launched on her account Instagram.

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When she unveiled the photo of the shoot is very sexy, the 26 year old woman took the opportunity to push a blow of mouth against a French magazine. Recently, she was photographed for the A of Madame Figaro. You can see her posing with a beret to the French, the mouth ajar and especially the neckline well, highlighted by a forgetting voluntarily the bra. Emily Ratajkowski is divine, as usual. But, the magazine wanted to make some improvements to the masterpiece. Thanks to a before-and-after, the actress noted that her lips and her breasts have been altered. “Everyone is beautiful and unique in its own way,” she wrote on Instagram. “We are not all confident about those things which make us different from the typical idea of beauty. I, like many of you, I try every day to pass over these criteria. I was extremely disappointed to see my lips, and my breasts retouched by Photoshop on the cover of this magazine. I hope the fashion industry will understand one day that it is not necessary to erase what makes us unique, and instead celebrate it. “Fire in the ice.

Everyone is uniquely beautiful in their own ways. We all have insecurities about the things that make us different from a typical ideal of beauty. I, like so many of us try every day to work past those insecurities. I was extremely disappointed to see my lips and breasts altered in photoshop on this cover. I hope the fashion industry will finally learn to stop trying to stifle the things that make us unique and instead begin to celebrate individuality.

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