Emergency warning: a series of magnetic storms will cover Ukraine, “extremely dangerous”

Экстренное предупреждение: череда магнитных бурь накроет Украину, "очень опасно"

In April, Ukrainians waiting for a new wave of magnetic storms. Start of magnetic fluctuations since the 22 of April and will end only 25th

The peak of magnetic storms have on 23-24 April, reports “Hvil”.

Экстренное предупреждение: череда магнитных бурь накроет Украину, "очень опасно"

The influence of magnetic storms on the person depends on the situation. If you are ill or under stress, if the problems on your plate, and solutions you can not find the magnetic storm will make you get into depression or apathy. If you are full of strength and energy, it can go unnoticed for your body. Among the major symptoms of the influence of the magnetic storm can be called a headache, weakness, insomnia or drowsiness (depending on your body and temperament), irritability, confusion.

To avoid the negative impact of the sun during magnetic storms, it is recommended not to burden themselves excessive physical work, more rest, avoid stressful situations and to comply with the correct diet and water regime. Also during magnetic storm limit long trips and always keep at hand the necessary medicines.

For the most sensitive people, doctors have developed a system of recommendations. In the days before magnetic fluctuations, and in the days of magnetic storms, please refrain from taking alcohol and rich food, including fatty, spicy, salty. At this period it is better to observe moderation in food and try to focus on healthy food.

Экстренное предупреждение: череда магнитных бурь накроет Украину, "очень опасно"

Drink more pure water. Don’t neglect the teas, compotes, herbal mixtures, chicory. Try to eat those beverages which do not have a strong impact on your cardiovascular system. Try to avoid coffee, strong and invigorating tea.

Try to spend more time outdoors and less locked up. Any heavy physical exertion are advised to postpone to another period. Walks in the fresh air, on the contrary, will do you good.

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