Emergency on Board the aircraft with the Russians, the collision occurred: details

ЧП на борту самолета с россиянами, произошло столкновение: подробности

The incident occurred with the aircraft “Aeroflot” in the air

On Board the Superjet 100-95B, which was flying from Riga to Sheremetyevo, as originally intended, depressurization. In the air he signaled distress with the code “7700” is a crash or other catastrophic situation on Board. The plane began to decline sharply.

The aircraft emergency landed at the airport of Riga. The place was on duty lifeguards and paramedics.

Later in “Aeroflot” reported that no distress signal was not. According to preliminary information, the plane returned to the airport Riga because of a collision with a bird. Now airport officials figure out what happened.

ЧП на борту самолета с россиянами, произошло столкновение: подробности

Earlier it was reported that strange incident with the plane occurred in the capital Molloy. Air traffic controllers was pretty surprised when Boeing without special permission entered into air space and landed at the airport of the capital. A strange incident occurred in Moldova, in the capital, which landed the airliner.

It turned out that the plane flew in from the Romanian city of Bucharest. The crew of the Boeing 737-800 of the airline company Blue Bird Aviation had not only permit the entry into the airspace of Moldova landing in Chisinau, but also for a departure from Bucharest airport.

When communicating with the crew revealed that they had done it as a joke. They wanted to have fun, so they flew from Bucharest, I flew to Moldova, made on the Chisinau couple of laps and hearing the requirement of aviation authorities to immediately land, put the aircraft.

ЧП на борту самолета с россиянами, произошло столкновение: подробности

The Moldovan authorities did not appreciate the joke. The investigation was launched. Boeing remains in the Chisinau airport to ascertain all the circumstances “aviaprima”.

It was also reported that the plane with passengers crashed when the aircraft was trying to land. The tragedy occurred in the U.S. state of Texas near Kerrville airport.

It is reported that twin-engine Beechcraft plane brand took off from a private airport in Harris County. Almost having reached the destination, the plane crashed while landing. In the crash killed the pilot and five passengers.

We will remind, Ukraine has bought a plane-killer, from which all refused: too dangerous.

As reported Politeka, U.S. military aircraft were spotted near the Crimea.

Also Politeka wrote that a naked man “terrorized” the plane with the Russians: parts and frames PE.