Emergency happened at a military parade, shouting: video emergency and the details

Непредвиденное случилось на военном параде, слышны крики: видео ЧП и подробности

An unpleasant incident occurred during the festive parade with the jumper, in whose hands was the state flag

The paratrooper scenario had to plan on the road, but miscalculated the trajectory of his landing (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

On Saturday, October 12, Spanish in Madrid in honor of the Spanish nation was a festive military parade. According to the scenario, one of the paratroopers with the flag in hand was about to land on the road, but something went wrong, writes the Spanish newspaper El País.

Непредвиденное случилось на военном параде, слышны крики: видео ЧП и подробности

First corporal Luis Fernando Pozo brigade of Marines miscalculated the trajectory, collided with the lamppost (the present she cried out loudly) and hung it at a height of about five meters.

It is noted that the incident happened in front of members of Parliament and members of the government and of the king of Spain Philip VI and his family. Despite the failure and the failure of the landing paratroopers, the Royal couple and those present supported Pozo applause.

Parachutist managed to release in a few minutes. During the incident, the man was not injured.

It is noted that Luis Fernando Pozo is an experienced parachutist, he made about 600 jumps.

Also add that the parade was attended by 3.5 thousand soldiers of different types of troops and about 100 vehicles.

Earlier we wrote that were part of the crash with the Russians on Board, which was heading to the capital.

“The crew crashed in DR Congo plane An-72, according to preliminary data, were the Russians, their identity is now installed,” — said the Russian media.

Specifies that communication with the aircraft was lost on 59 minutes after takeoff from Goma airport. He was headed to the capital of Kinshasa.

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Непредвиденное случилось на военном параде, слышны крики: видео ЧП и подробности

Recall that the Congo was the second in one day state of emergency with the aircraft. Contact was lost with a cargo plane An-72. On Board were 8 crew members.

The plane took off from the airport of Goma on Thursday, 10 October, at 13:32 local time (15:32 Kiev time) and went to Kinshasa. The pilots stopped communicating after about an hour. In the area of the alleged disappearance launched a search and rescue operation.

We know that this Board has provided services of President félix tshisekedi, following his. Conducted search and rescue operation. All on Board at the time were 4 crew members and 4 passengers.

We will remind, the terrible air crash has shaken the country: “not enough fuel”, details and footage of the tragedy.

As reported Politeka, a plane full of people crashed into the sea, to survive no chance: video of the tragedy.

Politeka also wrote that the plane crashed at the airport: “all on fire, a wall of black smoke”, the first images of PE