Emboldened Groisman betrayed Poroshenko, now everything will change: “While Peter was at the pinnacle of power…”

Осмелевший Гройсман предал Порошенко, теперь все изменится: "Пока Петя был на вершине власти..."

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman publicly opposed the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The head of the Ukrainian government on one of the TV channels wished to party like the BPP and the “Batkivschyna” remained in the past, after all, are unable to restore order in Ukraine and to justify the trust of citizens. Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky believes that Vladimir Groisman brazenly betrayed his former patron.

So the Prime Minister said that the Parliament of the ninth convocation should get a new policy format that will change the situation. According to him, that such “new powers” belongs to the newly created party “the Ukrainian strategy”. Volodymyr Groysman boasted that his team will get experts who will support the initiative of Vladimir Zelensky on the lifting of immunity and the introduction of responsibility for illegal enrichment.

Осмелевший Гройсман предал Порошенко, теперь все изменится: "Пока Петя был на вершине власти..."

Alexander Dubinsky drew attention to how the Prime Minister responded the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko. According to her, representatives of the forces nouvelles, have lost mind, forgetting who helped them come to power and nurtured in the political arena.

“The conflict between Gerashchenko and Groisman, in fact, between Gerashchenko and Poroshenko, of course is the existence, the essence of what was happening in the Ukrainian government for five years. We’re now seeing how Groisman just gave Poroshenko, who created it, was brought to power, put him on the streams, received from him the loot. He sold it just in a split second, as soon as Peter lost power,” said the journalist.

According to the author of the video, the incident is not surprising. After all, the former President of Petro Poroshenko has built a political system “on the nits and traitors”, which existed only on mutual betrayal and broken promises. And this is the reason for joy of the Ukrainians.

Осмелевший Гройсман предал Порошенко, теперь все изменится: "Пока Петя был на вершине власти..."

“While Peter was at the pinnacle of power, these are all mutual kidka and*Bulova was the basis of prosperity of his regime intact. Because when you type in a command p*of Doras (in the bad sense of the word) who are constantly stupid sell, rent, or throw, they have no time to take you to the top, they f*satsa among themselves, SR*ll, throw, throw. But as soon as you lost power — the same p*Doras immediately betrayed you,” explained Alexander Dubinsky.

He added that with the new uncorrupted by President Vladimir Zelensky, the people of Ukraine got a chance to change the country for the better. At the same time, people can enjoy watching a political show, when former allies “throw each other”.

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