Elon musk will be judged, all for children: to blame the inventor

Илона Маска будут судить, все из-за детей: в чем обвиняют изобретателя

Elon musk will be tried for insulting the diver who saved children from a flooded cave in Thailand

CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk will stand trial for insulting the Internet British diver of Vernon Unsworth, who took part in the operation to free children from flooded caves in Thailand to 2018.

The hearings were appointed on 22 October, reports Hromadske.

Илона Маска будут судить, все из-за детей: в чем обвиняют изобретателя

Mask tried for a tweet about the diver, which he called the Unsworth “pedophile”. This message Masks made July 15, 2018, commenting on an interview with the diver for CNN, in which he rejected the attempts of the Mask to join the operation to rescue the teenagers and called the actions of the American entrepreneur “PR move”. By the time the Mask was on Twitter, more than 22 million followers.

The diver called the accusations “illegal and unacceptable”. It requires Elon musk more than $ 75,000 compensation. He also wants a Mask officially banned in the future to Express statements that “contain false and defamatory accusations”.

Musk tried to convince the court to dismiss the lawsuit, but the court set the date of hearing.

We will remind, the group of teenagers 11-16 years and their 25-year-old football coach went missing on June 23 in the cave complex of Tham Luang, where they went on the tour. However, due to heavy rains in the cave began to arrive the water, and they were forced to go back four kilometers, being thus cut off from the entrance. The search for the missing football team lasted nine days. Monday July 2 teenagers found the British divers.

Илона Маска будут судить, все из-за детей: в чем обвиняют изобретателя

As previously reported Politeka, renowned engineer, entrepreneur, inventor and investor Musk protested the submarine for the rescue of Thai children. The inventor of Tesla tested the device, which is specially created to rescue children stuck in a flooded cave in Thailand.

It is known that mini-submarine assembled from parts of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX. Tests conducted at the pool in Los Angeles. One diver has to pull a mini-submarine for themselves, and another to push it back. As the housing rescue tool pipe is used for pumping liquid oxygen from the Falcon 9.

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As he wrote Politeka, 14-year-old Ukrainian arranged road accident in which were destroyed the electric car “Tesla”.

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