Elon Musk warned about the dangers of AI after watching a video on flipping robot

Илон Маск предупредил об опасности ИИ после просмотра видео о делающем сальто роботе

Elon Musk again warned the world about the dangers of AI once watched a video about flipping robot-athlete. The CEO of SpaceX is confident that the rapid development of information technology threatens humanity with world war III.
Your thoughts Elon Musk shared on Twitter. Under the posted video, he noted: at this stage, flipping the robot does not pose a serious danger. But in a few years automated machines, thanks to the skillful hand and intellect of the developers, will begin to move with such great speed to see it is possible using only impulsive lamp. At the end of the reflections the investor wished his reading audience tweet “sweet dreams”.

Recall that Elon musk has previously called the Creator of the cryptocurrency.

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