Elon Musk: “Many people don’t realize that are already cyborgs”

Илон Маск: «Многие люди не осознают, что уже стали киборгами»

Close connection with the smartphone is the first example coming cyborgization, said the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. Team entrepreneur is already working on a “neural lace” interface, which will allow people to become one with the computer and even upload your consciousness to the cloud after death.

Elon Musk is known for its workaholism, entrepreneur, sleeping in the Tesla factory, in parallel, managing to conduct the Affairs of the aerospace company SpaceX. Although excessive workload and caused her extraordinary antics of the businessman has already caused concerns among investors, Musk continues to do it all at once. In conversation with comedian Joe Rohan entrepreneur told me about one of his many side projects — a start-up Neuralink.

The company is developing a “neural lace”, which will directly connect the human brain with a computer. Neuralink has already attracted a team of leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence and neuroscience, but the designs are still kept secret. In may, the Tech+ told me that Neuralink conducting experiments on monkeys. But it is still unknown what exactly is the nature of the experiments.

In an interview with Rohan ‘ Musk said that Neuralink working on accelerated data transfer system from the brain to the computer. The startup will introduce the first product in the coming months.

“We will show something interesting that had previously been impossible to even imagine. If all goes according to plan, we can achieve a merge with artificial intelligence” — quoted by CNBC Mask.

According to the businessman, the symbiosis of man and machine has already begun. People have become smarter because of the close connection with smartphones and computers connected to the Internet. “You can answer any question almost instantly. Your memory is flawless. Your phone perfectly remembers the videos and images. The phone has become your continuation, so you have become a cyborg”, — concluded the head of Tesla.

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He also added that most people are not yet aware that the world has entered a phase of cyborgization. Musk explains this by the poor quality of communication. Although we are constantly connected to devices, this contact is not sufficiently close, and the transition information from the device to the brain takes too much time.

“The flow of information from our biological essence to digital flows in a thin stream. We need to turn it into a powerful river and to create high-speed interface,” says Musk in an interview for the podcast Joe Rogan Experience.

The founder of Tesla hopes that the technology will give the person cognitive abilities and allow you to compete with artificial intelligence. Also the neural interface will give everyone the opportunity to upload their consciousness to the cloud and to perpetuate it even after death. “If your biological entity dies, you will be able to upload yourself into a new shell. In the literal sense.”

As noted by CNBC, talking about the cyborgization was held before Rogan was offered a Mask to smoke marijuana. Before the businessman drank only whiskey, but closer to the end, smoked a cigarette, together with the host. Footage of the Smoking Mask has become the meme, and quotes of Tesla stock fell 9% in the first hours after the interview’s publication.

The appearance in the Joe Rogan Experience was another milestone in a series of extraordinary actions Mask. In August, he surprised the investors, a statement about the delisting Tesla, however, soon abandoned this idea. Earlier in an emotional interview New York Times, he talked about his insomnia, lack of privacy and health problems that also impact on the position of Tesla on the exchange.

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