“Elizabeth II is transgender”: the world has seen powerful shots, “this never happened”

«Елизавета II – трансгендер»: мир облетели мощные кадры, «такого еще не было»

Transgender first appeared in the magazine in the image of Elizabeth II

Transgender model Theodore Quinlivan changed sex at the age of 16 and for a long time didn’t even dream about such a career. However, this feature did not prevent her from achieving new heights. Recently, she posed for the popular magazine Paper in the image of Queen Elizabeth II. About it reports “Central Board”.

It should be noted that Teddy is the first transgender model who managed to become the face of the cosmetic line.

«Елизавета II – трансгендер»: мир облетели мощные кадры, «такого еще не было»

According to 25-year-old girl heard this, she wept with joy.

“I fought all my life. I was bullied in school, classmates threatened to kill me, my father beat me, and I almost lost my career, speaking about the harassment at work. But this victory was worth it,” said Theodore.

Quinlivan several times participated in the shows of Chanel, however, after confessing his transgenderism was afraid that the brand will cease cooperation. Fortunately, this is not proizosho. In addition, Teddy took to the catwalk in fashion shows of Saint Laurent, Dior, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Paco Rabanne and other Fashion houses.

«Елизавета II – трансгендер»: мир облетели мощные кадры, «такого еще не было»

As previously reported, Elizabeth II was exiled away from their eyes, the younger grandson of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

The Dukes of Sussex after the wedding is not received from the Queen what really count.

Elizabeth II refused Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the roof over my head. Harry asked his grandmother’s permission after the wedding to live with his wife at Windsor castle, but the British monarch had not given consent, the newspaper writes RBC-Ukraine.

As suggested by the British media, Elizabeth II could not forgive beloved grandson marrying American actress.

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The Queen, instead of to allocate apartments at Windsor, a place where rife, fused the Dukes of Sussex nondescript Frogmore house. The cottage was in a deplorable state and urgently had to put in order.

By the way, the repair took several million pounds. This, of course, was the money of the British taxpayer.

As we wrote earlier, Elizabeth II, apparently, more inclined to trust the throne not to his son Prince Charles, and the eldest grandson.

Prince William and Kate Middleton, Pets of Elizabeth, it can bypass Prince Charles in line to the throne and become king and Queen of great Britain.

Recall that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took the name of Briton: “they need more”.

As reported Politeka, Meghan Markle made against the Royal physicians: “men in suits don’t fit”.

Also Politeka wrote that Meghan Markle infuriated the Royal Palace with his behavior: “mixed role”