Elizabeth II is angry at Megan Markle: “creates a huge tension”

Елизавета II разозлилась на Меган Маркл: "создает огромнейшее напряжение"

There was another conflict between Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is not to the liking of the whims of Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex with her husband Prince Harry I want to break Royal tradition, says Hyser.

After giving birth, Megan Markle plans to hold an exclusive photo shoot home together with your kid for the famous gloss Vogue.

Elizabeth II against such a venture and is outraged that Megan and Harry told her about his plans. Inform the Queen put her assistant.

Елизавета II разозлилась на Меган Маркл: "создает огромнейшее напряжение"

Markle strongly insists to do everything associated with the birth of a baby differently than is usual in the Royal family, according to insiders. “This situation creates a huge tension between the pregnant Duchess and all the Palace”, — writes the edition. At the same time surrounded by Megan Markle said that the claims of the Queen “categorically unfair.” Moreover, the representative of the Duchess assured journalists that “there are no plans for a photo shoot in Vogue Megan Markle and Prince Harry there.” By the way, Elizabeth II was accused of Meghan Markle in an attempt to destroy the monarchy. The Duchess of Sussex was already gone officially on maternity leave, and her husband Prince Harry preparing for the birth of the first child and moving to an estate in Windsor.

The couple turned to the Queen Elizabeth II with a request to create an independent courtyard in the residence of Frogmore house. But she vetoed their request.

Елизавета II разозлилась на Меган Маркл: "создает огромнейшее напряжение"

Earlier it was reported that before the advent of the firstborn of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for the last few weeks.

And while Megan Markle spends his days in solitude and peace, Prince Harry “rap” for two official events. Yesterday, he met with the families of children and adolescents in the walls of the organization YMCA England & Wales, to assess its ongoing work in the field of mental health.

In particular, Harry has been in ballet class, where children showed him the studied PA. At first, Harry just watched and clapped the ingénues in bundles, but subsequently joined the so-called “ballet challenge”.

Recall that in the British Royal family sparked a new scandal after the Queen learned about the plans Meghan Markle about her unborn child.

As reported Politeka, Queen Elizabeth II jumped on Meghan Markle because of the baby.

Also Politeka wrote that the media reported the sensational news about the baby Meghan Markle.