Elizabeth II helped Australian girl: “seen near the restroom”

Елизавета II помогла австралийской девочке: «видели рядом с уборной»

Elizabeth II not only with the humor and creative approach to the writing of a letter to five-year-old Australian, but also gave her a dog breed Corgi

The little girl was on a tour in Buckingham Palace and there was an incident. The child lost his favorite toy.

Five-year-old tourist from Australia, Savannah HART, along with the class came on a tour to the UK. In London, students went to the residence of the monarch, which confused the child has forgotten plush monkey, reports the edition of 7 News.

Елизавета II помогла австралийской девочке: «видели рядом с уборной»

Parents and friends upset the girls decided to write a letter to the Queen of Britain Elizabeth II asking for help to find a toy – monkey Harriet.

“You students write a small preschool center in Woodside, South Australia. Each of us has a toy monkey-traveler that we take all the trips and take pictures for memory. One of them recently visited Buckingham Palace with our friend, Savannah. Unfortunately, 13 Aug 2019 Harriet left in your playroom,” wrote in a letter to the friends of the little schoolgirl.

They added that really want Harriet to have “found a way home and talked about their adventure.”

“You could go to the games to look for her? The last time we saw her near the restroom!”, – it was written in the letter.

Apparently, this letter was read to the Queen and she has contributed. To have the toy found and sent to the mistress on another continent. Moreover, Harriet travelled to Australia not alone but in the company plush Corgi dog – the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II.

Елизавета II помогла австралийской девочке: «видели рядом с уборной»

In the response letter it was said: “for Some time the monkey Harriet was a part of our team and helped to meet younger visitors, not yet gone home.”

Officers of the Royal residence sent a picture in which they were sealed with a forgotten toy.

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Елизавета II помогла австралийской девочке: «видели рядом с уборной»

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