Elites claim four players

steve-theriaultJonquiere Elites added three attackers and one defender in training on Tuesday during retrieval of balance Midget AAA Hockey League. They got hold of Etienne Dumont, who was left unprotected by the Blizzard du Seminaire Saint-Francois, Marc-Antoine Goulet, who spent last season with the Commanders of Levis, Samuel Dufour, a midget hope player who played Commanders of the territory, and Mathieu Ferland, the territory of the Blizzard.

The first four rounds of Tuesday’s selection meeting were reserved for four teams, the Elite, the Forest of Amos, the Albatros College Notre-Dame de Riviere-du-Loup and Gatineau Intrepid. After four rounds, the other teams were also able to get their hands on a player left unprotected.

The selection meeting was also divided into three parts, a first for players of 16 and 17 who are in high school, a second for players 15 years left unprotected and a third for players of 17 who will also for college students. Elites have focused their attention on the first part.

“Our top three were among the first five players that appeared on our list, says coach Elites, Steve Theriault. We met them before the draft to know them better and ensure their interest to play with us. We contacted them again after the draft. Normally, these are young people who are really happy because this draft offer them a second chance to assert themselves and play a bigger role with a team.

“If these outside players are part of the alignment of the Elites next season, it will be because they have important roles to play with us. They must have an impact. If they do not play important roles, we will take the guys from our territory.

“After the draft, we are always happy selected players. But will have to see what happens in training camp. Last year, only one player selected at the draft balance (Philippe-Olivier Riopel) was part of our lineup. The previous year we had kept three out of four (Michael) Kemp (Keven) Attic (Anthony) Boucher. After playing with us, Boucher became a second-round pick of the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada. Instead of playing on the third line in Levis, he scored 50 points with us. Kemp also played for the Armada. These are players who got another chance and took advantage. ”

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