Elite special forces Putin exposed, “preparing a coup”: the fatal details

Элитный спецназ Путина разоблачен, "готовили госпереворот": фатальные детали

Secret unit, Vladimir Putin is conducting special operations in different countries of the European Union

This writes the authoritative edition of the NYT, citing its own sources.

So, the intelligence services of the EU were able to calculate a secret unit of Vladimir Putin, which “is conducting a coordinated campaign to destabilize Europe.”

Элитный спецназ Путина разоблачен, "готовили госпереворот": фатальные детали

An elite unit of the GRU room 29155 had to do with the change of the ruling circles in Moldova, the poisoning of businessman from Bulgaria Emilian Hebrew, the attempted coup in Montenegro and the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury (UK).

According to insiders, the detachment of the GRU operational for the last 10 years, however, European intelligence officers can not call the next target of the elite unit of Vladimir Putin.

Also found out, that the detachment was attached to the headquarters of the 161-th training center for special purposes in the East of Moscow. His staff fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan and even in the East of Ukraine.

The head of the division is major-General Andrey Averyanov. Moreover, journalists even managed to find a photo of a senior officer of the military intelligence of the Russian Federation. The Russian defense Ministry and the Kremlin has yet to respond to the investigation by American journalists.

Элитный спецназ Путина разоблачен, "готовили госпереворот": фатальные детали

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Previously, we reported that President Vladimir Putin let slip about the complete capture of Ukraine. Another delusional statement was broadcasted propaganda Federal TV channel “Russia 1”.

Ridiculous threats Vladimir Soloviev began to sound after the statement of Vyacheslav Kovtun, who calls himself Ukrainian expert. One in particular, said that the President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin reportedly ready to compromise with Ukraine on the return of Kyiv control over the border.

“Where did you see Putin’s word about a compromise? Putin just uncompromising. No compromise with you is not and can not be. You will give the border in the Lviv province. And then the maximum. I don’t know where you saw Putin anything about the compromise. Where did you see Putin’s word about what Ukraine will give the border?” – sarcastically said the top propagandist of the Russian Federation on a talk show on the Federal channel.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Putin has no chance, the plan for the destruction is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin is preparing a new invasion, deadly weapons at the border