Elijah’s day 2018: what not to do in this day

Ильин день 2018: чего нельзя делать в этот день

2 August 2018, the Orthodox Church remembers the prophet Elijah.

OBOZREVATEL talk about this Saint and about the traditions and taboos of the day.

Who is the prophet Elias

Ilya is the most popular among Orthodox Christians, the old Testament prophet. He lived in IX century BC and was known as the protector of the purity of the faith.

Ilya is not often mentioned in the old and New Testaments. In particular, described a number of his miracles. So, in the Third Book of kings says that after the prayer, Elijah stopped the rains and famine. After 3 years, again through the prayer of Elijah, the earth was sent the rain. Another prayer of the prophet has performed a miracle for the widow: the food at her house was not finished.

According to the biblical narrative, Elijah could call down fire from heaven to punish sinners, and to resurrect. The prophet brought back to life the deceased teenager, the son of the widow of Zarephath.

And finally, the Bible says that the prophet Elijah never died – he was taken up to heaven alive.

Jews believe in the second coming of Elijah, which must occur before the second coming of the Messiah. Ilya also twice mentioned in the Koran.

The prophet Elijah and the Slavs

The Slavs this prophet “said,” in thunder, lightning, fertility and harvest. He also was associated with the pagan God Perun, who was also “thunder”.

Invariable attribute of the prophet Elijah in Slavic mythology, was the chariot. Our ancestors believed that on August 2, the prophet passes on it across the sky, causing squalls, thunderstorms and hurricanes, punishing fire sinners and rewarding the righteous.

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In Ukraine Ilya attributed cosmic greatness. So, the Ukrainians believed that the sun is a wheel in the chariot of the prophet, and the milky way is the road on which he travels.

The prophet Elijah and Kiev

The most famous Church, dedicated in honour of this prophet is on the hem. Elias Church is the first Orthodox Church of Kievan Rus. The mention of her available in the “tale of bygone Years”. It says that in 945 in Kiev, the ambassadors who had returned from Byzantium, prayed “in the Church of St. Elias over the stream”.

According to legend, Elias Church was built by the Kievan princes Askold and Dir long before the baptism of Rus by Vladimir. It is also believed that the Baptism of Russia 988, occurred near this Church.

Today in the place of ancient wooden Church is the Church, built in 1692.

What not to do in the day of Elijah

The Slavs believed that on August 2 Ilya cools the water that ends summer and starts fall – from that day it is forbidden to swim. Another explanation for the ban on swimming was due to the fact that, according to legends, near the water this day was going evil.

It was forbidden fun, games, dancing and other live entertainment.

2 Aug forbidden to stand under a tree. The ban is a logical explanation when viewed in the context of “safety” during the thunderstorm. Lightning tree can actually fall.

What you can do in Elijah’s day

If you consider yourself a Christian and not a pagan, then visit the temple. Preferably, consecrated in honor of the prophet Elijah.

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In the temple or at home you can read the prayer of this prophet. For example, this:

O Holy God prophesied Elijah, pray for us of the Loving-kindness of God, will give us, servants of God (names), the spirit of repentance and contrition on gresen our own, and His Almighty grace, so help us the ways of the wickedness of ostaviti, prispevate same in every blaze, and in the struggle with the passions and pochote our Yes will strengthen us; Yes, put into our hearts the spirit of humility and meekness, the spirit of brotherly love and kindness, the spirit of patience and chastity, the spirit of zeal to the glory of God and the salvation of your neighbors and good care. Avert from us by thy intercession the righteous wrath of God, Yes tacos in the world and piety in this poise Weeze, sodomise communion of eternal blessings in the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to Him belongs honor and worship, with His Beginningless father and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

If you closer to Slavic pagan tradition, then you will be interested to know:

To protect themselves from evil spirits, on this day the doors and Windows of the houses shut, and lit candles.

If this day there was a thunderstorm, water is recommended to gain. The Slavs believed that it has healing powers and served as a mascot for the house.

It is desirable to wash with this water, and bake bread from the wheat of the new harvest.

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As a tribute to tradition, you can organize a festive dinner for the whole family. On the table must be present meat and vegetable dishes and fruits of the new harvest. Traditional attribute Ilyin of day beer.

What I’m asking of the prophet Elijah

– About healing

– Restoring peace and harmony in the family

– Protection from enemies, ill-wishers and envious

– Recovery from damage and the evil eye

– For a good harvest

– For unmarried women – a good husband

It is also believed that the icon of the prophet Elijah helps with everything.

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