Elfie – The legend of the earth: a tale for all

enfants-ados-adultes-mettront-leurIt will issue elves, humans and nature Elfie – The legend of the Earth, a musical tale presented on April 11 at the Palace de Granby. A show that promises to immerse young and old in a high fantasy world.

It is man-orchestra Granbyen Olivier Chagnon assures that the staging of this work taken from a story by the author Louise Huneault. To create Elfie, the Drummondville itself had been inspired by a drawing of her granddaughter Marion.

Thanks to them, we learn that the elves live in trees and have a mission to protect the Earth …

“Last summer, Louise approached me to stage this story. The story is original and musical compositions as “let know Olivier.

In all, there are eight songs that give life to this tale based on friendship and environmental awareness. “But we do not want to lecture. We wish to transport people to another world. Our target audience, young people are, but parents will also find their account there. The story is quite simple, but you have to see the play to understand it! “Notes the director, who was” doing great with little “in his own words.

Fortunately, the young man is not in his debut in musical comedy.

To create the effect, so he chose to play a lot on emotions. The presence of dancers, storytelling, video projections, instrumental bands and shadow will be put to.

Besides the dancers, the distribution will feature comedians, singers and dancers from all over, aged between 13 and thirties. Among them, one will find Maude Brodeur St. Paul d’Abbotsford and Jacob Nadeau Bromont, two students of Olivier Chagnon.

Maude Brodeur held besides the main role of Elfie. “She is on stage throughout the show. This is the leader of his group “suggests Olivier.

All these people met twice to repeat this room an hour and a half without intermission. Two other preparation days are planned before the big night.

Representation at Palace de Granby will be the first of a series, says Chagnon. A mini-tour will get underway this fall.

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