Elena Zelensky put on display their wealth, began the hysteria: “tired”

Елена Зеленская выставила на обозрение свои богатства, началась истерия: "уже устали"

The program ЧистоNews actor “Quarter 95” and the leading Eugene Mishka spoke about comments from stylists about the appearance of Elena Zelensky in Brussels

The corresponding video published on the official channel in YouTube ЧистоNews.

He noted that with the stylists about the first lady told the staff of the website Stranaya after Zelensky has published pictures from the trip to Brussels in Instagram.

Елена Зеленская выставила на обозрение свои богатства, началась истерия: "уже устали"

“So stylists have used to describe the appearance of Elena Zelensky such a phrase, quote, square bag color cognac, sneakers calfskin Trouser suit sand color,” reminded the leader.

He believes that stylist tired of talking about the appearance of stars and they are tired.

“Apparently, these stylists are tired to talk clothes, and I just want a vacation to the beach and kebabs,” added the leader.

The wife of the President of Ukraine Elena Zelensky made a touching post for friendship Day

The first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky revealed the identity of one of the most important people in her life. In honor of the world festival has made a thematic post on the social network Instagram.

“A study on happiness showed that the friendship and sincere relationships are the most important to humans. It’s hard to disagree… do you have friends with whom you are familiar from childhood or adolescence and, together, go through life? I was very lucky, because I have a friend there! @pikalovaira proud of our amazing friendship,” wrote the first lady of Ukraine on his page in the social network.

Елена Зеленская выставила на обозрение свои богатства, началась истерия: "уже устали"

We will remind that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, along with his wife visited on Saturday evening, may 25, a humorous television show “the League of laughter.” Photos from the concert Elena Zelensky has published on his page in Instagram. The images show as they enthusiastically watch the show and laugh.

Note, photos fans Zelensky.

“Excellent! The President can do anything in their own time. That’s fine,” “you Come such as the League of laughter, and then the President, Normal social the President) is not hiding from people)))”, “it’s nice to see your smiles! Keep it up,” “What a beauty!!!😍Wish us all for the next 5 years was as bright as your smile!!!”, “The best. The people with you” — write in the comments.

We will remind, for the first time, Zelensky made a statement about the default in Ukraine: “we Have a lot of problems!”

As reported Politeka, Zelensky had a secret meeting in Brussels: press office is silent, surfaced parts.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has launched a number of high-profile layoffs, announced the names.