Elena Zelenskaya was struck by the appearance without make-up: “not to know”

Елена Зеленская поразила внешностью без макияжа: "совсем не узнать"

Archival photo of Vladimir Zelensky and his family after winning the presidential elections began to gain increasing popularity among the public

However, despite the large number of staged shots, simple and “homemade” family photo Zelensky is difficult to find. However, on the page of Vladimir Zelensky in the social network Instagram contains bright family pictures, among which stands out one of the frames.

Елена Зеленская поразила внешностью без макияжа: "совсем не узнать"

In the photo, the wife of Vladimir Elena Zelenskaya is presented in an unusual for fans, as she tries to appear in public in a flawless and refined look. The future first lady prefers a very low-key and even modest clothes, simple hair and light makeup. However, on the photo represented on the website of the Vladimir Zelensky Elena posed in a home vid – during fishing.

“My wife won’t show Her pictures, so this is my friend the fisherman, my hat and very cute)))”, signed presented frame Zelensky.

Photo Elena Zelenskaya is depicted outdoors in the jacket, hat, glasses and a fishing rod in his hands.

Fans of the famous artist left a lot of comments about what he saw: “it is Important that the fisherman was worth queries the fisherman caviar metal quality, the rest will follow! Happiness flock, and of course, the fisherman!”, “Good, take care and understand my husband. Never fall for foolish talk”, “a Trifle, but like a lot said. Admire!”, “Really cute!)))”, “You have it, just Beautiful! Yes, and Clever!!!👍😊”, “A pretty friend of a fisherman !!!😉”, “It’s so cute!!! Sincerely 💙💙💙”.

Елена Зеленская поразила внешностью без макияжа: "совсем не узнать"

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