Elena Moshenets, the people’s Deputy from the party “servant of the people”: Ukraine should avoid intervention in the American elections, to have bipartisan support in the United States

Елена Мошенец, нардеп от партии «Слуга народа»: Украина должна избегать вмешательства в американские выборы, чтобы иметь двухпартийную поддержку в США

The people’s Deputy said during a Ukraine Strategy Session organized by the Atlantic Council within the framework of the 74 session of the UN General Assembly in new York.

“Ukraine has a huge credit of hope not only within the country but also outside. Strategic partnership with the United States increases domestic support to the new government and the strong desire of change. So financial assistance from the United States to be only to the nearest financial year. During meetings with senior officials, we were given a clear signal to prevent interference in the presidential election of other countries”, — said Elena Machinec.

According to her, Ukraine should focus on the internal architecture of the economy on the background of the unprecedented trust of the population and the unique interaction between the Office of the President, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Government.

“Don’t waste the energy changes in the political uncertainty and battles in the United States. Neutrality is the only and best solution, I think both Republicans and Democrats. Despite the unexpected outcome of the previous presidential campaign in the US, the future results are too unpredictable” — said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada in a note on Facebook.

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Posted by Olena Moshenets on Monday, September 23, 2019

“Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will not help Ukraine while we ourselves do not help to play by the same rules, to eradicate corruption in our cultural code, to trust their own country taxes, equity and future generations. We must become creators of new meanings in their own country,” — said during a speech in Ukraine Strategy Session Elena Machinec.

Елена Мошенец, нардеп от партии «Слуга народа»: Украина должна избегать вмешательства в американские выборы, чтобы иметь двухпартийную поддержку в США

Recall while both Republicans and Democrats believe that it is not necessary to bring Ukraine closer to the presidential battle in the US in 2020. In the next financial year, Ukraine will receive financial assistance from the United States. According to Robert Jones Portman, the Republican Senator, the funds are vital for the viability of the Ukrainian armed forces and must be allocated to support democracy in Ukraine. Jeanne Shaheen, the Senator-Democrat, actually said that the financing for Ukraine should not be stopped because it is critical to mitigate Russian aggression, which still is an actual threat to Ukraine.