Element struck Ukraine: weatherman scared of the forecast, the weather is gonna be pissed

Стихия обрушилась на Украину: синоптики напугали прогнозом, погода взбесится

Weather in Ukraine was surprised by an unexpected trick

In Novograd-Volyn, Zhytomyr region passed the tornado, which was marked by hail the size of an Apple.

Photos and videos of unusual phenomena eyewitnesses publish in social networks.

The footage you can really see the tornado, which for Ukraine is quite an unusual phenomenon.

It should be noted that it may not be over. Forecasters suggest the Ukrainians to prepare for weather hazards.

So, on Friday, may 17, in Ukraine are expected heavy precipitation heavy showers with thunderstorms and hail.

Стихия обрушилась на Украину: синоптики напугали прогнозом, погода взбесится

About this on his page in Facebook said the forecaster Natalia Didenko.

“Threatening weather situation!” she said.

The weather, according to her account, will be observed in the North-West of Ukraine in the Rivne and Zhytomyr oblasts, Volyn, and partly on vinnichin.

Стихия обрушилась на Украину: синоптики напугали прогнозом, погода взбесится

The weather forecaster said that the rain showers are short but very strong. “A very dangerous atmospheric spot in the South of Belarus”, – she wrote.

Didenko also shared a video of a tornado, which removed eyewitnesses in the village Pylypovychi Novograd-Volyn district Zhytomyr region.

Earlier it was reported that forecasters and environmentalists fixed in Ukraine weather anomalies. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine.

The increase in fixed frequency, uncharacteristic of the season weather events. This, in turn, adversely affects agriculture.

It is noted that Ukraine is forced to fight drought and the growth in the number of hot days in the summer that cover all large areas, including in regions where they are not typical.


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