Elections of the mayor of Kiev: epic battle of Andrey palchevsky and Vitali Klitschko will happen to the Ukrainians

Выборы мэра Киева: эпичное сражение Андрея Пальчевского и Виталия Кличко ждет украинцев

Journalist Kirill Sazonov expressed extensive opinions on the possible upcoming elections to the Kyiv city Council in December of this year — he continues to defend the message that the second round is still looming between Vitali Klitschko and Andrei Palchevsky

This writes Рoliteka with a link on Facebook-the publication of the author and his blog entry on the Censor. No:

“Interesting reytig in the context of the expected in December, elections in Kyiv. According to the figures, the optimism of the party “servant of the people” after the parliamentary somewhat overstated. They have no rating of the candidate. Exactly. Because all who have less than 10% is a losing option, alas.” And, despite the setbacks – Klitschko “still in play”, says the author:

“Despite all the criticisms, confidently is in the lead with 46%. Time little more than two months. For me the surprise was second place (and second round, respectively) Andrey palchevsky. The reason, most likely his high media activity — he appears on TV more often than the majority of the current MPs and politicians. In the works, plus a positive story in business — the Creator of the famous clinic, and for all related to medicine, our people are always with more credibility than politicians,” the author notes several arguments in favor of Andrew palchevsky as a candidate.

Выборы мэра Киева: эпичное сражение Андрея Пальчевского и Виталия Кличко ждет украинцев

An important factor in the upcoming elections will be a “request new entity”:

“In General, an interesting scenario emerges. “The servant of the people” yet can not count on that, in the second round meets the current mayor and a new player. And here much will depend on the number of protest electorate…” — summed up the Sazonov.

The author also in his blog noted that, judging by the fairly purposeful actions of MPs from the majority in the Verkhovna Rada, the draft law on the capital will be attended promptly and without any edits:

“So Kiev the election in December are very real. It is clear that there is yet a lot of chances on the prospects of parties to go to Kyiv city Council and local district councils, too, plus make allowances for the reduction in the number of deputies. But the mayoral candidates, the situation has already happened is interesting.”

Выборы мэра Киева: эпичное сражение Андрея Пальчевского и Виталия Кличко ждет украинцев

Details on the sociology, he cites the link:

“I am simply the essence of present. Vitali Klitschko ready to support 46,1% of those who intend to vote and decided on the award. 24,2% of respondents support Andrey Palchevsky; 12,9% — support Mykola Tomenko; 5,4% — support Alexander Tkachenko; 4,3% — support Sergei gusovsky; 3,9% — support Borislav Birch and 2.3% — support of Andrey Kholodov. The ranking of other candidates — less than 2%”, — such sees the situation the analyst.

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In conclusion, the author wrote about some important thing:

“A very important point. The chair of the mayor without the support of the majority in the Kyiv city Council — sort of a prize. But if some of the powers will take the district Council and the KSCA tightly controls its own sector, the mayor remains low leverage. So after the election we still will be a very difficult negotiation process…”.

Earlier it was reported about sensational confession of Andrei palchevsky about the office in Kiev. Namely, he said that he would take part in elections, but under one condition – if you see a success in the ratings.

We will remind, Andrey Palchevsky abroad has shown to be learned, the Ukrainians: “Why are we not so?”.

As reported Politeka, Palchevskogo is preparing to send Klitschko to knockout: “it is Necessary to podnimut them to share”.

Also Politeka wrote that Andrei Palchevsky goes to the mayor of Kiev, a sensational confession: “I’m Bored!”.